Cloudstaff pricing is completely transparent and is billed monthly in one easy invoice. No hidden fees – No surprises!

Cloudstaff pricing is completely transparent. It is made up of three components and billed monthly on a single consolidated invoice.

Employee direct costs

This covers the salaries and associated benefits for each employee. These items are billed at cost with no markup. Salaries for each staff member will vary depending on their qualifications and experience, and are set at the time of hiring.

Cloudstaff fee

The Cloudstaff fee is set at a fixed price and covers all operational costs such as HR, payroll, office support, facilities, electricity, internet, security, shared meeting rooms, IT support, infrastructure and disaster recovery (N+1 power, connectivity, hot seats and environmental systems).

Managed PC fee

Cloudstaff has a simple but very flexible managed hardware model. Our customers can choose the perfect hardware for their team without massive up front costs. We purchase, install, secure, upgrade and fully support the hardware with rapid repair or replacement for the life of the contract.

The hidden costs of hiring

Cloudstaff pricing is completely transparent – there are no hidden costs and our innovation allows us to reduce the per task costs of your workforce even further.

Maximize your return on investment

Cloudstaff outsourcing adds value to businesses, helping them reduce their operational overheads. We are not trying to be the cheapest outsourcing provider, but we believe that we offer the best value in the market today. 

Our investments in innovation, culture, and infrastructure are designed to maximize ROI and deliver increased efficiency, productivity and staff retention. Our customers benefit from our unique platform that simplifies staff management and optimizes workflows to help you get even more from outsourcing

General price guide

Cloudstaff outsourcing can save you up to 70% of the cost of hiring domestically without sacrificing quality outcomes, working conditions, data security or staff retention.

Salaries for individual staff members will vary depending on the job, experience and qualifications, just as they would in your home country. Most outsourced positions for office-based staff fall between $1,200 – $1,800 USD (all inclusive) per month for full-time staff.

Build your dream team with Team Builder

Team Builder is a great way to compare the cost of building an offshore team at Cloudstaff with what it would cost you to hire the same quality staff domestically.

It’s easy! Simply select the roles you want, levels of experience and how many staff you need. Then decide if you want your team to work from home or an office. Team Builder will instantly show you how much your team would cost if you hired them locally and how much you could save with Cloudstaff!

Work-from-home options

Cloudstaff also offers Work-From-Home options for companies that don’t need their staff to work from a physical office. For more information on pricing for home-based staff, please connect with one of our Outsourcing Specialists.