For businesses looking to build offshore teams, we believe there is simply no better destination than the Philippines. 

While the lower cost of labor and abundance of English speaking professionals are the main attractions, there are so many other factors that make the Philippines the best choice for your business.

Labor costs

The cost of living in the Philippines is dramatically less expensive than in Western countries. This means that talented, highly educated workers cost a fraction of what they would cost in the USA or Australia. You can save between 60% to 70% of your labor costs by hiring staff in the Philippines.

Education & skills specializations

There are over 2,300 higher education facilities in the Philippines, and education has become a very high priority for many Filipinos. This has created a massive talent pool to draw from and makes it easy for us to find highly educated staff with specialized skills that perfectly fit your needs.

Career professionals 

Many Western businesses suffer from high staff turnover for low-level positions that involve repetitive tasks. In the Philippines, it is much easier to find dedicated staff who are committed to long-term career employment rather than Western staff who often consider lower-tier jobs as temporary. For businesses, this means far less hassle and expense for recruitment, training, and domain knowledge loss.   

High availability of fluent English speakers

The Philippines is the third most populous English-speaking country in the world. English is one of the two official national languages and is the formal language used in schools, universities, business, and the courts. Most Filipinos speak high-level English with neutral accents.

Compatible culture

As a former US colony, the Philippines has thoroughly embraced Western culture more than any other outsourcing destination such as India and China. As such the cultural compatibility and friendly nature of Filipinos make them an ideal match for businesses requiring friendly customer service and staff who can easily get along with their onshore teams. 

Time zones

Your staff can work to any time zone that you require, but if you would like to have them work regular business hours, the Philippine time zone  is uniquely placed to conveniently service Western businesses along with other destinations that regularly utilize outsourced staff such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. The Philippines shares a time zone with parts of Australia and has an overlap period with both the US and UK. 

Business stability & investment

The Philippines has a stable system of government and a large economy consistently growing at approximately 6.5% per year. The outsourcing industry also receives significant support from all levels of government along with heavy investment in transportation systems, digital connectivity networks, and business-friendly strategies.