The Cloudstaff Partners are approved industry specialists who can help you on your journey to successful outsourcing by providing support, consultancy and management of your outsourcing solution.

If you are interested in becoming a Cloudstaff Partner, please contact our Partner Program Manager by emailing

Corporate and SME



optiBPO assists Australian and New Zealand companies set up offshore back office operations in the Philippines.

optiBPO provides a unique service offering, allowing you to start small and embed processes effectively, while maintaining oversight and control. optiBPO are an extension of your team, not a separate part.

You can choose the level of transition support depending on your requirements, capability, and bandwidth. We manage your outsourcing risk, by starting small, clearly defining scope, proving the concept, building confidence, and then extending. At each stage, there are reviews and checkpoints to ensure there are no disruptions to your operations.
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Accounting and Finance

Klein Hall CPA

Klein Hall CPA

Klein Hall CPAs serve businesses, governments, not-for-profits, and individuals in the Chicagoland area.

Klein Hall CPAs goal is to help you achieve success through simple things like answering your calls, meeting when you can, and listening. They deliver skilled expertise beyond accounting and tax preparation and they also serve as trusted advisor and consultant, partnering with you to achieve your individual success.

Klein Hall CPAs do it with a team approach guaranteeing to get the best talent for your needs and always receive partner-level service and valuable solutions. Klein Hall CPAs is proud to be recognized by receiving the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award and Annual Awards for Business Excellence.



Helping firms gain capacity to deliver real advice in real time with real data. is an outsourcing service designed to provide accounting & bookkeeping firms a cost-effective, time-efficient solution to reduce the burden of data entry, bookkeeping, chasing debtors, and monthly management reports as well as transition the firm to Xero.

Moving an accounting firm from an existing platform you know to a whole new platform is a huge and daunting task. Not only is there the new learning and processes but there is the disruption to your business as you make the change. Zerobooks has helped a number of firms make the switch to the Xero platform and minimise the disruption and make the transition easier for your team.
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Real Estate

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At Stafflink, we believe that for outsourcing to be truly effective it needs to be tightly integrated with your existing business processes.

Unlike other agencies, Stafflink provides more than just a desk – your staff undergo a comprehensive training program tailored to your business.   As a result of this, the Stafflink training program produces candidates that are proven to increase productivity, revenue and efficiency for a fraction of the price of traditional staff.

UPS Logo

Universal Property Systems

We align ourselves with your business and your brand to deliver guaranteed growth on an economy of scale model.

Imagine saving 70% on your admin staffing costs and having time to make the most of your workday, focusing on those important tasks that bring profit.   Universal Property Services and our Global Assistants give you flexibility over your career, bringing balance to all areas of your life.

We will deliver an end to end property management solution using our team of experienced professionals to find, hire and manage a Global Assistant for you.   To make it easy and to support you at every point, we follow a simple step-by-step process.
1300 855 111