Promoting respect, building diversity, and creating culture in the workplace

Over the years, Cloudstaff has built and fostered many relationships not just with our staff and customers, but with the community as a whole. We also understand that as a growing business we also have a responsibility to promote equality, respect and diversity in all that we do. 

Discrimination is a topical issue at present so as an organization servicing businesses all around the globe, it is important for us to take the time to reflect on the people and the organisation that we strive to be.

Cloudstaff’s philosophy is ‘Building the #1 Workplace in the Philippines’. And it is our mission is to deliver the best service and value to our business partners worldwide. For our staff, we aim to provide them with a rewarding career and an environment where they are respected and their talents can flourish.

Our values are based on the principles of respect, integrity, trust, teamwork, communication, compassion, agility and innovation. Together they form the core of our company and define the way we work and communicate with our staff, customers, suppliers and the community.

Race, gender, creed, sexual orientation and disability should not be a hindrance to one’s career. And for that reason, Cloudstaff cares about one thing—finding the best staff for the roles that our customers need. 

This is why we value diversity in the workplace and trade ethically. Everyone deserves respect and they should feel that they are a valuable part of the company. Likewise, all staff deserve the same benefits and the same opportunities. 

But simply saying that we offer equal opportunity for all employees is not enough. We strive to actively build an inclusive workplace that is reflected in our hiring, our culture, and our facilities.

We have also set up channels and policies to appropriately deal with discrimination should it occur. Discrimination at workplace can be reported at any time via or by approaching a member of the Cloudstaff HR Team. Reports are always confidential, taken seriously and treated with the utmost respect.

Let us always promote equality and diversity as we strive to be the #1 Workplace in the Philippines.

We are committed to providing and keeping the highest quality of staff available for your business. Speak to us today at

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