“The Number One Workplace” is not an award. It’s a way of thinking, a way of working, our commitment to continual improvement. It’s a promise to our staff and a guarantee for our customers.

It is understanding the culture, it is understanding what it takes to maintain a productive and happy workplace, it is understanding the needs of our staff and customers, and it is what allows us to consistently deliver a great outsourcing experience for customers and an incredible, engaging workplace for staff.

We demonstrate our commitment and dedication to our customers in everything we do. We believe this philosophy delivers better outcomes and we think it is unmatched in the industry.

Having amazing staff and giving them the tools to maximise their productivity is what drives our high customer success rates. “The Number One Workplace” is an essential part of our delivery platform. It is an ongoing program that ensures we are doing the best we can and will never stop trying to make it better.

Cloudstaff’s Number One Workplace program combines

  • Safe, modern, full-featured offices
  • Commitment to our staff that ensures they communicate concerns freely and safely
  • Dedicated HR departments who work in the best interests of the staff
  • Dedicated integration teams to help staff resolve work-related issues
  • Family-friendly workplace
  • Commitment to community by continually providing positive change
  • Outreach programs for staff, their families, and the community
  • Training and career guidance to help staff reach their long-term goals
  • Embracement of all cultures and religions
  • Strict adherence to ethical employment practices
  • Cloudstaff groups to encore skill development and personal growth
  • Great perks — from massages to free food and drinks
  • Recreation and chill-out areas in every office
  • And some of the best staff parties you will ever see!

Cloudstaff is the trusted name in next generation-outsourcing

Find out how Cloudstaff’s next-generation outsourcing can help your business.

Why we are the right outsourcing solutions provider for your business.

98% staff retention

Our investment in staff engagement programs results in industry-leading staff retention.

The right people

We are committed to finding the best people, targeting the top 5% of staff in the workforce.

Proven track record

We’ve been delivering successful outsourcing for over 10 years.

Innovative by nature

We have built a technology platform that makes managing your team easy.

Smart, safe and secure

We provide a full range of security options designed to protect your data and IP.

Your way

We take the time to understand your goals and create a solution that “works the way you do”.

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