Security is the single biggest concern for any business considering its outsourcing options. There’s a lot to learn and consider.

Cloudstaff takes care of the security, privacy and sovereignty issues so that you don’t have to worry. You can focus on your business growth, secure in the knowledge that Cloudstaff is managing it efficiently and effectively for you.

When it comes to protecting your office and staff we’ve got you covered.

  • Our buildings are secure;
  • Guards & patrols are standard;
  • Biometric scanners & alarms are available on all suites;
  • CCTV Monitoring is in place; and
  • Staff are bonded with disclosure statements.

We also take the protection of your business IP extremely seriously.

  • Australian Privacy Principles Training is standard for every Cloudstaff employee;
  • We include secure printing facilities;
  • Document shredding;
  • Building, room and desktop surveillance options;
  • Regular software updates;
  • Locked down computers and ports; and
  • Employees are police screened prior to being hired.

There is also a range of additional security options you might benefit your specific circumstances:

  • Dedicated firewall;
  • Remote Desktop tools’
  • Limiting devices on MAC address;
  • Forced DNS lookups for detected IP addresses;
  • White Room; and
  • PCI Compliance

If you’re really serious about security, then investing in the training of your personnel is a critically important factor to consider. There are additional certifications available (for additional fees) that may suit your specific security needs.

  • TrueCrypt Training;
  • KeePass 2 Training; and
  • Data Security Awareness Course.

To discuss the various security options available to you when outsourcing with Cloudstaff, please complete the form on this page and  we will contact you to arrange a discussion time and arrange to send you our security brochure.

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Our investment in staff engagement programs results in industry-leading staff retention.

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We are committed to finding the best people, targeting the top 5% of staff in the workforce.

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We’ve been delivering successful outsourcing for over 10 years.

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We have built a technology platform that makes managing your team easy.

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We provide a full range of security options designed to protect your data and IP.

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