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As a busy and successful real estate business, you are no doubt struggling to find the hours in the day to grow your property sales and property management divisions. This is where outsourcing with Cloudstaff can really help.

Cloudstaff is the real estate industry’s trusted next-generation outsourcing partner. We help many independent and franchised real estate businesses to improve their core efficiency, expand capabilities and remove the roadblocks that may be impeding their business growth.

We’re enabling smart real estate businesses to be agile and better positioned to respond optimally to new market opportunities and to harden their businesses against property market downturns which occur from time to time.

Cloudstaff is assisting real estate businesses globally to optimize their competitive edge and reduce their running costs while growing both their property sales and property management divisions.

Cloudstaff understands real estate and has been an experienced and trusted provider of outsourcing services to the industry for over ten years.

Why do real estate businesses outsource with Cloudstaff?

Save time, increase profits

Sharing the back office workload with Cloudstaffers makes your onshore team more efficient and effective in their day. There’s more time to engage with clients and focus on revenue-generating activities.

Improve your brand presence

Your Cloudstaff marketing assistants can manage your web portal listings as well as assist with the creation of DM mailers, newsletters, flyers and magazines.

Close even more deals

Your sales team members can be better prepared for vendor presentations when your Cloudstaff Admin Assistant is helping to prepare property reports, market research and CMAs.

Grow your rent roll and profitability

Optimize the costs of running your rent roll with Cloudstaffers helping you with leasing, inspections, property marketing and trust accounting teams supporting you. We give your local Property Management team the time they need to focus their energy on growth.

Common roles and activities of our real estate specialists


  • Office Accountant / Bookkeeper
    • Executes commission tracking, reporting and payments
    • Conducts conjunction reporting and payments
    • Handles accounts payable and accounts receivable
    • Manages general ledger
    • Prepares end-of-month reports
    • Calculates employees payroll
  • Assistant Bookkeeper
    • Receives, checks and enters invoices into the trust or accounting system
    • Prepares cost sheets for trust account
    • Receives, checks and enters invoices into the general accounting system
    • Prepares drawdowns from the trust accounting system into the general bank account to facilitate payment of invoices at least twice a month
    • Reviews payments to be made from the general accounting system each week and prepares the associated EFT
    • Checks initial paperwork relating to new listing campaigns
    • Enters advertising campaigns into the trust accounting system
    • Follows up any issues relating to any of the above responsibilities to a satisfactory conclusion or seek help to do so
    • Reports any issues arising from lack of compliance with regard to required documentation
  • Arrears Administrator
    • Chases rent arrears while educating the tenants about rent cycles and due dates
    • Prepares legal documents such as Notice to Remedy Breach Due to Rent Arrears when rent is not paid after 7 days and ratify with the property manager
    • Sends Notice to Leave Due to Unremedied Breach
    • Sets up payment plans for tenants
    • Educates tenants on different methods in paying rent
  • Invoice Administrator
    • Actions Invoice Requests emails from property managers
    • Actions tenants’ special request regarding their invoices:
      Tenant requests invoice raised;
      Tenant requests invoices to be regularly sent via email instead of posting
    • Ensures Notice to Remedy Breach is issued to tenants with outstanding invoices after making 3 prior attempts to contact
    • Creates invoices, ensuring minimal mistakes
    • Checks correct computation of water invoices, etc.
    • Chases invoices for payment

Marketing & Creative

  • Social Media Marketing Administrator
    • Administers posting of listings to social media sites
    • Books newspaper ads
    • For Ad Hoc content posting, see Creative Writing Support
    • Posts property videos on Youtube
    • Ad Hoc posting of images and content to agency website and social media
    • Manages SMS opt-outs
    • Publishes blog content
  • Creative Designer
    • Creates brochures
    • Makes photo touch ups
    • Draws (simplified) floor plans
    • Lists video production
    • Designs custom newspaper and magazine ads
    • Designs window cards
    • Designs logos
    • Creates layout for monthly newsletters
    • Designs booklets
    • DL Flyers
    • Designs and creates layout for monthly magazine and booklet
    • Event posters
    • Internal promotion and competition flyers
    • Internal manuals
  • Creative Writer
    • Writes and/or edits listing descriptions
    • Writes and/or edits social media posts
    • Edits contents of brochures
    • Writes general ad copy
    • Performs proofreading of documents


  • Leasing Administrator
    • Sends the entry notice to current tenants
    • Sends the entry notice via email, post and SMS
    • Ensures 24-hour notice period
    • Sends marketing emails to landlords
    • Orders sign boards
    • Screens calls for property managers
    • Assists with application statuses and forward when complete
    • Follows up caller complaints regarding properties
    • Sets up inspection times with prospective tenants (email, SMS, phone)
    • Gathers feedback on marketed properties
    • Answers general enquiries about marketed properties
    • Makes outbound calls to prospective tenants
  • Lease Renewals Administrator
    • Generates lease renewal docs and checks for accuracy
    • Sends procedural and retractable notices to tenants. (Source signed lease)
    • Sends vacate packs (retractable & non retractable)
    • Chases tenants via SMS, email and phone to return documents on time
    • Organises smoke alarm process
  • Smoke Alarm Administrator
    • Sends a copy of the lease to owner and tenant
    • Adds rent amount in occupancy
    • Clears vacancy dates in occupancy
    • Adds lease date details in occupancy
    • Processes work orders for smoke alarms and blind cords
    • Chases smoke alarm certificates
    • Attaches smoke alarm compliance certificates
    • Grants authorization to lease quality assurance
    • Rents review quality assurance


  • Routine Inspection Administrator
    • Creates and sets up contact and property files
    • Enters new businesses for property managers in both Property Management System and CRM ensuring data is updated and recorded correctly
    • Responsible for the ‘pool safety certificate’ and ‘loss management’ audit
    • Emails clients regarding Property Managers’ information
    • Responds to general tenant enquiries
    • Maps the portfolio at least 2 months in advance
    • Adjusts and reschedules runs
    • Makes phone calls, SMS and emails when canceling runs
    • Books all runs in the Inspection Console
    • Sends out entry notice documents to tenants
    • Schedules CRM and calendar invites
    • Coordinates with office receptionists for the daily run sheets
  • Repairs and Maintenance Administrator
    • Creates maintenance request
    • Calls tenants to clarify information as needed
    • Advises tenants of action that will be taken and confirms access arrangements
    • Prepares entry notices, keys, etc.
    • Issues Work Orders and Quote Requests as required
    • Sources Request for Quotes and sends the details to the property manager
    • Sends Work Orders and follows up through to invoicing and completion stage
    • Informs property manager instantly when Quotes are returned
    • Coordinates the timing and tasks with onsite work:
      Prior to commencement, follows up tradesperson (or owner if necessary). When greater than $750, coordinates property manager to inspect and take photos of the site before starting;
      Upon completion, coordinates the property manager to inspect work and take completion photos
    • Informs the owner and property manager when the job is complete by email and attaches the original request.

General Admin

  • General Administrator
    • Executes Microsoft Excel-related tasks (monthly report, lost management report, etc.)
    • Pools data
    • Monitors bond
    • Processes and sends leases
    • Trawls RPM data
    • Books routine inspections
    • Cleans up contact records
    • Transcribes voicemails
    • Checks Property compliance
  • Senior Administrator
    • Executes Microsoft Excel related tasks (monthly report, lost management report, etc.)
    • Pools data
    • Monitors bond
    • Processes and sends leases
    • Trawls RPM data
    • Cleans up contact records
    • Transcribes of voicemails
  • Assistant Sales Administrator
    • Assists the sales administration department across all offices
    • Prepares the marketing materials for new properties going into the market
    • Sends market reports on behalf of all agents
    • Does weekly market reports to keep contacts up to date on properties being listed, open for inspection and some articles related to it
    • Does all the appraisal reports generated from telemarketers and allocates them to the agent in their area
    • Creates contract packs for agents ready to present it to the prospective buyer
    • Creates monthly newsletter and reports
    • Tracks agent performance and competitors

Sales & Listings Admin

  • Sales Marketing Administrator
    • Orders and prepares brochure
    • Orders and prepares listing cards, signboards, rental cards and window cards
    • Adds agency logo watermarks to listing photos
    • Orders floor plan drawings
    • Orders real estate creative
    • Contacts buyers and sellers seeking testimonials
    • Performs telephone or Skype interviews
    • Transcribes interviews
    • Drafts a one-page testimonial
    • Sends drafts to agent / Property Manager for approval
    • Sends drafts to client for approval
    • Sends documents to Marketing team for publication
  • Listings Administrator
    • Enters listings into CRM
    • Writes descriptions (briefed by Sales Agent or Property Manager)
    • Adds photos / attributes / price
    • Adds Open For Inspection times
    • Adds Auction times
    • Conducts quality assurance on the listing before submission
    • Touches up photos
    • Uploads to various listing portals from CRM
    • Adjusts push to listing portals.
    • Carries out price adjustments
    • Modifies Auction times
    • Edits Open For Inspection times
    • Adds Sold advice
    • Takes down from portal
  • Contract Administrator
    • Prepares Exclusive Agency agreements
    • Exchanges letters between buyers and sellers
    • Prefills Lease Contracts for Property Managers
    • Prefills Contract of Sale for Sales agents
    • Performs Certificate of Title Searches

Andrew Herbert

Cloudstaff is the secret power of my company. As my company has grown and changed, our staff needs have too. Cloudstaff have supported us along the way & #TeamAngeles is an essential part of our strategy for the future.

Andrew Herbert
Andrew Herbert

Lee Woodward

Our international team at Cloudstaff are an incredibly valuable part of our business. They have had a positive impact on almost every aspect of our company and are one of the reasons we have been able to grow so quickly.

Lee Woodward
Lee Woodward

Brock Fisher

We chose Cloudstaff as our offshore service provider because our values and commitment to looking after our people aligned so well. The stable and supported working environment has allowed me to scale out and integrate over 50 support processes in our business nationally.

Brock Fisher
Brock Fisher

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