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Modern real estate firms face challenges like never before.

The lowest global unemployment rate in decades is colliding with record highs of job vacancies and the intensifying impacts of economic strife. To ensure business continuity and profitability, you must adapt.

Your challenge isn’t a lack of talent but a lack of people. Looking beyond your borders can be a solution.

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Cloud Staff Real State Sixty Percent Flexible and Remote Work

According to a recent Deloitte study, nearly two-thirds of real estate institutions planned on being more flexible and believe remote work options will help firms combat staffing shortages.

Globally, Cloudstaff enables smart real estate businesses to optimize their competitive advantage, reduce their running costs and undertake digital transformations.

We can help you become more agile and better positioned to respond quickly to new market opportunities while hardening your business against property market downturns and economic instability, which occur from time to time.

Our combined expertise in hiring the best property assistants and newly created Fast Track Program, Australian Real Estate, in our Cloudstaff Academy to ensure we provide you with all the support and help you need.

We know what we’re talking about…

We help many independent and franchised real estate businesses improve core efficiency, expand capabilities and remove roadblocks that impede their growth.

Our existing customers already enjoy effortless talent recruitment, higher profits, faster sales, healthier rent rolls and smooth operations. You could too.

Why do real estate businesses choose Cloudstaff?

Cloudstaff understands real estate and has over 10 years’ experience in the industry, placing us in an ideal position to provide you with what you need to succeed for many years.

Real estate image for Recruit talent effortlessly

Recruit talent effortlessly

Build an incredible team that stays with you, thanks to our industry-leading staff retention.

Real estate image for Save time, increase profits

Save time, increase profits

Cloudstaff will find the best talent for you so you can focus on what matters most.

Real estate image for Close more deals

Close more deals

Cloudstaffers can help prepare for vendor presentations with property reports, market research and CMAs.

Real estate image for Grow your rent roll

Grow your rent roll

Streamline rent roll costs by having Cloudstaffers help with leasing, inspections, marketing and accounting, enabling your Property Management Team time to focus on growth.

Real estate image for Enhance brand presence

Enhance brand presence

Cloudstaff’s marketing experts can manage your web portal listings, assist with the creation of online and direct mailers, newsletters, flyers, magazines and more.

Cloudstaff is the industry’s trusted next-generation remote staffing partner. From sourcing talented accountancy, bookkeeping and financial administration experts to sales, leasing and listings teams as well as the endless number of administrative roles taking up valuable time across a firm, Cloudstaff’s Global Property Division is the foundation your real estate business needs to grow.

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