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The Secrets Behind Top-Performing Real Estate Agents: Staying on Top of Prospecting and Calls

In the competitive world of real estate, staying ahead of the game is crucial for success. One of the key factors that sets top-performing real estate agents apart is their unwavering dedication to prospecting and making calls consistently. In this blog, we explore why this aspect is so crucial, the challenges agents face in building a top-performing support team, and an innovative solution that can help agents achieve their goals – creating a Virtual Real Estate Support Team.

The Importance of Prospecting and Calls:

Top-performing agents understand that prospecting and making calls are essential for building a strong client base. We’ve all heard the mantra “10 before 10”.
By consistently reaching out to potential sellers and buyers, top performing agents keep a steady flow of leads coming in. In addition to more opportunities, regular prospecting also helps  build relationships and increase your visibility. If you are consistently prospecting  already, then you know the value this can bring – and are probably trying to figure out how to build on that.

Challenges in Hiring a Top-Performing Support Team:

Real estate agents require a diverse set of skills to excel in their roles. Apart from an assistant to handle administrative tasks, Agents can also benefit from someone to assist with prospecting calls and another person to handle social media marketing. However, finding and retaining these talented individuals can be a significant challenge in Australia’s competitive market. It often takes time and resources to recruit, train, and manage a support team effectively. Then six months later, the team member moves on, starts a side hustle, or you promote them- and you have to start all over again.

The Solution: a Virtual Real Estate Support Team:

By leveraging a Virtual Real Estate Support Team, agents can access a range of professionals who bring a suite of specialist skills needed to achieve great sales results and freeing you up for other high-value activities. Here’s a glimpse of what a Virtual Real Estate Support Team can do for you:

Contract and Documentation Support:

Real Estate Virtual Assistants can expedite contract paperwork, ensuring swift communication with buyers and sellers. They can prepare Exclusive Agency Agreements as well as Contracts of Sale for agent verification.

Sales and Marketing Assistance:

Help prepare sign boards, brochures, and other marketing materials that are foundations of effective sales campaigns. Additionally, a Real Estate Virtual Assistant who is trained in SEO can be a god-send to any agent.  They’ll monitor socials, prepare the next post ahead of time and suggest the key words needed to effectively promote posts and expand an agent’s audience and enhance their online presence.


There’s only so many calls agents  can make.  Real Estate Virtual Assistants can make the cold calls to your contact database, warming up those leads before booking appointments for the agent to step in and win the deal.

Appointment and Inspection Management:

Efficiently manage appointments and inspections, ensuring seamless coordination between clients, prospects and agents.

“Our Virtual Real Estate Assistant Team through Cloudstaff has been a game-changer for our office. We have a team of 5.  With their support, we’ve been able to focus on our core competencies and stay ahead of the competition. Our Cloudstaff team manages the paperwork and our office social media promotion. We also have two team members  supporting our property management division and one handling trust accounting. Their dedication and expertise play a crucial role in our success as a top-performing office in our suburb for three years running”

In conclusion…

Prospecting and making calls consistently are essential practices for top-performing real estate agents everywhere. While building a high-performing support team can be challenging, creating a Virtual Real Estate Support Team with Cloudstaff offers a flexible and efficient solution. 

By leveraging the diverse skills of Real Estate Virtual Assistants, real estate offices can streamline their operations, focus on high-value tasks, and ultimately achieve greater success in the real estate industry. Embrace the power of virtual support and watch your real estate business thrive!

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