Never Miss a Call Again with Answer 24×7​

Supporting your clients around the clock, whether your team is on-duty or off.​

What is Answer 24×7?​

24/7 Call Answering

We handle your calls day and night, ensuring you never miss important client interactions.

Message Taking & Escalation

Critical messages are escalated directly to your team, ensuring timely responses.

Seamless Integration

Works perfectly alongside your current Cloudstaff team, providing after-hours support.

How It Works​

Step 1:
Setup Your Preferences

Customize how we handle your calls, from greetings to common queries.

Step 2:
Team Briefing

A quick web meeting to align our team with your needs.

Step 3:
Go Live

Start receiving after-hours support seamlessly integrated with your operations.

Benefits For Your Business​

Answer 24×7 works with your current Cloudstaff Team

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Cloudstaff Answer 24×7 is a service designed to support your clients and prospects around the clock. It works with your current Cloudstaff team to extend support beyond the usual 8 business hours, ensuring that your business can handle calls and manage client interactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.​

Running an in-house 24×7 answering service poses several challenges including the need for multiple team members to manage shifts throughout the day, significant startup costs, and the necessity for shift management tools. Additionally, there are costs related to after-hours building security and utilities, and staffing such operations can be inefficient and expensive due to penalty rates for after-hours work.

To set up the Answer 24×7 service, you’ll need to provide details about your phone system setup and how calls should be diverted after hours. You’ll also need to specify standard call greetings, common questions and their answers, contact details of your team members, and define escalation processes for common issues. Finally, a brief web conference with your team helps set the tone and context for the service.​

Cloudstaff assists in the technical setup of your phone system for after-hours call diversion and offers IT support to streamline the process. The service integrates seamlessly with your existing Cloudstaff team, who are already familiar with your operations. This integration is further supported by a briefing you provide, which helps the Answer 24×7 team members understand your specific needs and expectations.​

Initially, the Answer 24×7 team can handle your after-hours calls as part of a shared service with other clients. As your needs grow, there is a pathway to establish a dedicated full-time support team exclusively for your business. This transition is made easier as the existing 24×7 staff, who are already trained and experienced, can be engaged directly by your company, ensuring continuity and no need for retraining.​

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