Client Growth Team

As you ascend to new business heights, we are by your side in staffing success.

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As your co-pilots in growth, let our Client Growth team be your sherpas for success. With our unparalleled lineup of 20+ Account Managers, seven onshore Client Growth Leaders, and our Chief Growth Officer at the helm, we ensure that you’re supported, guided, and celebrated throughout your journey.

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Here’s our commitment to supercharging your success:

Onboarding Excellence

We ensure your team is geared up and ready, reducing the time to get your new team ramped up.

Regular Touchpoints

Monthly, or even more frequently if needed, your account manager check-ins ensure everything’s on track and address any tweaks or turns.

Strategic Reviews

Quarterly sessions with your advisory team to plan for growth, set shared objectives, and initiate powerful strategies.

Your Voice Matters

Through our Net Promoter Score, we’re all ears, celebrating our joint achievements and refining any areas you feel need enhancement.

Year-end Celebrations

Dive into the vibrant Cloudstaff community with an exclusive invite to our end-of-year ‘Roar’ gathering – it’s a must-attend!

Networking Opportunities

Engage, learn, and collaborate at our regional events and client workshops. Build relationships that last!

Cloudstaff Technology

Tools and apps at your fingertips, designed to give you clarity on your team’s tasks and ensure smooth operations every day.

Join us, and let’s shape a brilliant future together!

Meet your Client Growth Team

Americas and Europe Team

A photo of Adrian Costello

Adrian Costello

VP of Client Growth

Adrian has extensive experience operating at a senior level and an outstanding record of success in transforming customer experience and driving positive change in complex organizations.

A photo of Kimberly Verduzco

Kimberly Verduzco

Client Growth Partner

Kimberly has a passion for fostering strong connections and ensuring exceptional client experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a natural ability to connect with others, she is committed to delivering top-tier service and building enduring relationships.

A photo of Michael Lallana

Michael Lallana

Client Growth Partner

Mike is a business operations and customer success specialist with over 25 years of experience. He helps drive sustainable revenue growth by optimizing customer experience and maximizing customer ROI.

Asia-Pacific Team

A photo of Garath May

Garath May

Principal Client Growth

As an experienced Client Growth Advisor, Garath has developed a wealth of knowledge in sales, IT, and communications and marketing. He stands as a trusted advisor in business expansion and user retention. His journey reflects a commitment to fostering success.

A photo of Christine Pulanco

Christine Pulanco

Client Growth Partner

Christine is currently focusing on forming relationships with all her clients in her portfolio. She is responsible for being the strategic partner with our clients, ensuring they grow with Cloudstaff, increase retention and reduce churn.

Your sherpas of success

Tired of low-care outsourcers that just find you a body then expect you to do the rest? Talk to us today to understand how our success superstars can change your remote staffing game.

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