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In the dynamic landscape of strata management sector, professionals grapple with regulatory changes, market dynamics, and diverse client demands. This underscores the critical importance of adaptability and efficiency. At Cloudstaff, we empower Strata Managers to navigate this complexity with ease by leveraging the advantages of incorporating offshore professionals into their local onshore teams.​

Free up onshore team members to spend more time with customers​

Our Cloudstaffers can manage reception, invoicing, and marketing. They can and assist with repairs and maintenance, document management, compliance, contracts, and vendor and contractor co-ordination​.

Our workflow experts can document and create training materials for your global team.​

Our people-first culture attracts and retains top-talent 

We were honored with the HR Asia Award for Best Places to Work in Asia in 2023, 2022 and 2021. With over 15 years of expertise in global remote staffing, Cloudstaff offers access to a vast talent pool of over 500,000 professionals. You can choose pretrained team members or we can train via our Cloudstaff Academy. Our resignation rate is below the industry average.

Our technology enables Cloudstaffers to work from home, or office

Our cutting-edge, purpose-built, secure industrial-grade technology optimizes productivity, and allows Cloudstaffers to work from home or our offices as you need. We’re wholeheartedly committed to efficiency, productivity, data security and ensuring your Cloudstaffers work without disruption alongside your onshore team.

Strata Management Roles

Our industry specialists work with you to tailor your role requirements. Here are our popular roles and tasks.

Administrative Assistant​

Managing correspondence, record-keeping, and meeting organization including note taking during body corporate members / board meeting.​

Compliance Administrator​

Ensures that a strata property or community adheres to all relevant laws, regulations, and bylaws. Oversees compliance activities, managing documentation, and providing guidance to the strata council and property managers to maintain legal and regulatory standards.

Repairs and Maintenance Assistant ​

Maintenance and repairs coordination, making sure that routine inspections are done and scheduled accordingly, communication with tradesmen, and obtaining work order quotes from tradesmen​.

Marketing Assistant​

Supports the promotion and communication efforts related to a strata property or community. Marketing strategy support, content creation, digital marketing, client communication, community engagement and advertising available properties.

Invoicing Assistant​

Invoice processing, Data entry, payment coordination, comms with vendors and tradesmen, works with the strata council to resolve any issues or queries related to invoices. ​


First point of contact for residents, visitors, and vendors at a strata property or community. Administrative and customer service tasks to ensure smooth operations and communication within the strata such as phone handling, email vetting, and taking messages​.

Document Management Administrator​

Organizes, maintains, and oversees all documentation related to the management and operation of a strata property. Ensures that critical documents are accurate, accessible, and secure, supporting the strata council and property managers in their decision-making and compliance efforts.​

Contracts Administrator ​

Manages and oversees all contracts related to the strata property. This role involves coordinating with vendors, ensuring compliance with contract terms, and maintaining thorough records.​

Vendor and Contractor Coordinator ​

Supports the coordination and management of all vendor and contractor activities related to the strata property. Liaises with service providers, ensuring work is completed satisfactorily, and maintaining records.

People & Technology are core to success 

Strata Management​ ​​ ​Technology Training

We are continually developing Cloudstaff Academy industry specific technology training to boost Cloudstaffer skills.

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Refers to a system of property ownership commonly used for multi-level apartment blocks and horizontal subdivisions with shared areas. It is also known as “strata title” or “strata property”.

Outsourcing strata tasks in the context of real estate refers to hiring external professionals or companies to manage various responsibilities and functions associated with the administration and maintenance of a strata property. This practice is common in strata schemes (condominiums, apartment complexes, etc.) to ensure efficient and professional management of the property.

Outsourcing strata roles can provide numerous advantages to the management and upkeep of strata properties, such as apartment complexes, townhouses, and condominium buildings. Some of the benefits include : having access to skilled staff with specialized knowledge in strata management, efficiency and time-saving, cost-effectiveness, improved maintenance services, enhanced resident satisfaction, scalability and of course it allows you to focus on your long term plans for growth. ​

Strata Administrative Assistant, Invoicing Assistant, Repairs and Maintenance Assistant, Document Management Administrator, Contracts Administrator, Marketing Assistant

Choosing the right outsourcing provider for strata roles is crucial for ensuring efficient and effective management of the property. Some of the things you need to do includes researching various outsourcing providers in your area or within your industry network. Look for companies with experience in managing strata properties or similar real estate ventures. Seek recommendations from other property managers or conduct online searches to identify potential candidates​. It is also crucial to review their contract terms.

While outsourcing strata tasks can offer numerous benefits, there are also potential drawbacks to​ consider: Loss of control, Communication Challenges, Quality Concerns, Dependency on Third Parties, Security and Privacy Risks and Cultural Misalignment. To mitigate these potential drawbacks, you should conduct thorough due diligence when selecting outsourcing providers, establish clear communication channels and expectations, regularly monitor performance, and maintain contingency plans to address any disruptions in service delivery.

Yes, absolutely. Property managers have the flexibility to outsource certain tasks while managing others internally based on their unique needs, resources, and priorities. This approach allows property managers to leverage the specialized expertise of outsourcing providers for specific tasks while retaining control over critical functions or areas where they have the necessary skills and capacity.

Ensuring quality and accountability in outsourced strata tasks is essential for maintaining the overall integrity and effectiveness of tasks and roles being outsourced. You should be able to clearly define your expectations, KPIs and metrics , Regular Monitoring and Reporting, establishing feedback and communication Channels and quality assurance processes. 

Creating a successful outsourcing partnership requires careful planning, communication, and collaboration. Start by clearly defining the objectives and desired outcomes of the outsourcing partnership. Ensure that both parties have a shared understanding of the goals, expectations, and success criteria for the partnership. elect an outsourcing partner with the necessary expertise, experience, and resources to meet your specific needs. Look for a partner who shares your values, communicates effectively, and demonstrates a commitment to excellence. elect an outsourcing partner with the necessary expertise, experience, and resources to meet your specific needs. Look for a partner who shares your values, communicates effectively, and demonstrates a commitment to excellence​

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