Effectively Managing Remote Projects

Managing projects in the office is challenging enough, but with everybody working remotely, you’ll need to think strategically to effectively manage remote projects. A traditional office-based workplace offers many ways to drive business projects forward. This includes meetings and quick status updates or just by simply dropping by a colleague’s desk. However, in a remote […]

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Recruitment Outsourcing: Why Choose Cloudstaff?

The workforce is changing. The global labor shortage, rising inflation and changes in employee behaviour are presenting complex business challenges – and Cloudstaff has the ideal recruitment outsourcing solution. Outsourcing recruitment is becoming increasingly beneficial as a solution that focuses on innovative methods and access to to global talent at an affordable price. Business Continuity

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Illustration of people putting puzzle pieces together vertically. It reads "7 steps to successful outsourcing"

7 Steps for Successful Outsourcing

Sustainable growth is the primary goal of nearly every modern business. We live in a fast-paced world and with increasing market competition, improving efficiency, enhancing productivity and rapidly delivering products and services to market is vital. To enable your business to achieve its goals, Cloudstaff introduces our seven steps for successful outsourcing. Providing your customers

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Illustration of a delivery man coming out from a phone, giving a package to a woman. It reads "7 ways to grow your ecommerce business through outsourcing"

7 Ways to Grow your Ecommerce Business with Outsourcing

Ecommerce outsourcing? But why? The COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the ecommerce industry has been unprecedented. At first, consumers turned to ecommerce as their only option to purchase products needed when brick-and-mortar stores closed. Now that those establishments have re-opened, consumers continue to spend online in record numbers. ECommerce demand is booming, but so is competition.

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3 Things You Need to Know If You Have Offshore Staff

Building teams of offshore staff to support your onshore operations is a great way to boost productivity, cut costs, and accelerate business growth. However, it’s not a guaranteed recipe for success. As a leading outsourcing provider, we’ve worked with countless businesses over the years to provide them with remote staffing solutions and helped facilitate many

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