Cloudstaff Mandate

Cloudstaff aspires to conduct ourselves in an ethical and responsible manner. 

Corporate social responsibility, which includes environmental, labor rights, and community issues, is a growing concern to investors, clients and to all of us as people.

Further, Cloudstaff acknowledges that Quality and Security are codependent, that information is a critical business asset to both, and the strategic importance of protecting Cloudstaff and its interested parties’ information assets from all threats, whether internal or external or accidental.

This mandate affirms and attests to the commitment of Cloudstaff to securing and protecting its information assets and the quality of the delivery of products and services consistent with our Quality, Information Security, Environmental and Social Management Systems.

Moreover, this document serves as an approved directive by the Cloudstaff Executive Management to instruct all Cloudstaff business areas in the adoption of the Quality, Information Security, Environmental and Social Management in a manner that:

The Cloudstaff Executive Management has ultimate responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets within Cloudstaff is enforced,

Cloudstaff will appropriately and effectively secure its information assets and those it is responsible for, through the adoption, implementation of appropriate controls, and compliance to applicable regulatory, contractual or legislative requirements,

Where external sourcing takes place, Cloudstaff and/or its business units shall ensure that its supplier’s commitment is equal to or higher than that of Cloudstaff,

Cloudstaff acknowledges that social responsibility, quality and information security, are the responsibility of every single member of staff, including permanent, temporary and contract personnel, and shall ensure all staff are relevantly educated in, continually aware of their individual responsibilities, competent, and that they continue to improve their competence for their personal and professional growth,

Cloudstaff will continually improve its processes, products and services, and ensure continuous commitment to all stakeholders in providing their needs and expectations,

Cloudstaff shall review, measure and monitor its Quality, Information Security, Environmental and Social Management System documentation and the implemented controls to assure their continual relevance and effectiveness and seek external auditing and re-accreditation where relevant on an ongoing basis,

Cloudstaff will regularly review the performance against its objectives and ensure the alignment with the corporate strategic direction,

Cloudstaff’s Quality, Information Security, Environmental and Social Management responsibilities and requirements are defined and established through the Cloudstaff’s Integrated Management System.

The Cloudstaff Executive Management will ensure that the system is effective and that all Cloudstaff(ers) have a direct line of communication with the executives through the Flag system for any problems, suggestions, or concerns.

This mandate was approved by the Executive Management.

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