Customer Service Agents on Secure Fiber

Cloudstaff has assembled teams of agents who are equipped with our fast, secure work-fromhome platform that are ready to help you grow your business and delight your customers. We have teams that can assist with Customer Service, Technical Support and Back Office Administration functions. You can rapidly expand your team by as many as 50 agents per week.

Fast 50Mbps up and down fiber connection with quick 3-day installation turnaround.

Perfect for outsourced knowledge workers requiring data intensive connections such as Architects, Graphic designers, Video Editors, Call Center staff, IT Support staff, and more.

Exclusive corporate rates direct from leading ISP Converge Fiber X. (minimum 6-month contract)

Manage costs during COVID-19 and get the professional-level staff you need with industry-leading work-from-home security:

  • Exclusive Cloudstaff Work@home app
  • Managed PC environment
  • Managed activity monitoring
  • Home screenshot tools
  • Workflow reporting

Drive growth with resilient workforces.

Discover the benefits of building your own team of service agents at Cloudstaff.

Invest in recovery and restart your business with Cloudstaff.