Reduce operational costs, create meaningful connections with customers, and grow your business with Cloudstaff voice services.

There’s a reason that the Philippines is the global #1 destination for inbound and outbound call services. With fluent English, neutral accents, friendly nature, and a strong understanding of Western culture, the Philippines is the top choice for your business.

Inbound Services

  • Customer Support
    • Customer-focused agents who effectively answer calls and handle any inquiries about your products and services. Cloudstaff customer support offers personalized customer experiences that build meaningful relationships and brand loyalty.
  • Sales
    • Increase revenue and profit by building a team of skilled sales professionals trained to identify sales opportunities, cross-selling, and up-selling.
  • Orders
    • Building a team with Cloudstaff means that your customers’ orders are taken accurately, quickly and conscientiously at any time of the day or night. With strict data security and PCI compliant protocols, Cloudstaff is the secure way to outsource.
  • Reservations
    • Process hotel and restaurant reservations directly into your system, 24/7, with highly skilled agents at Cloudstaff.
  • Receive Payments
    • Enjoy smooth payment processing with your Cloudstaff team. We can facilitate a wide range of payment options to cater to your customers’ preferences and enforce strict PCI compliant security measures to ensure the integrity of each transaction.
  • Live Answering Service
    • Who answers your business calls after hours or when you are busy? Never miss out on calls and opportunities again with Cloudstaff’s live answering service. Receive full call reports and ensure that your customers never feel ignored.

Outbound Services

  • Lead Generation
    • Improve the quality of your sales leads by building a team of lead gen experts who contact your target market, identify the likely customers and build detailed databases for your sales efforts.
  • Sales
    • Boost your sales efforts with proactive phone-based sales campaigns. Cloudstaff telesales experts offer new products, upgrades to existing customers, and handle customer data within all required standards and regulations.
  • Renewals services
    • Build teams of contract renewals specialists with Cloudstaff to ensure that no service revenue is left on the table for your business. From IT support contracts to personal membership renewals, your dedicated team works to your specifications and provides personalized service to your existing client base. You’ve worked hard to find your clients, Cloudstaff’s renewal experts work hard to keep them.
  • Market Research
    • Partnering with Cloudstaff is an affordable way to build quality data profiles of your target markets. Stay ahead of the competition and learn about emerging trends and consumer habits before you make strategic decisions.
  • Follow Up Clients
    • The sales cycle shouldn’t end once you receive payment. Follow up services allow you to improve your services & product through customer feedback while providing customers with additional offerings and promotions.
  • Reminder Services
    • Make no-shows and late payments things of the past. Whether you need payment collection reminders, appointment reminders, or service interval reminders, Cloudstaff’s call agents have got you covered.
  • Data Verification
    • Keep your database up to date and accurate with Cloudstaff’s data verification services. Our personable call agents contact your customer to maintain accurate records, optimise operational efficiencies, and provide systematic management of your business data.
  • Debt Collection
    • Don’t miss out on payments that you have worked hard to earn. Cloudstaff’s debt collection agents increase your received payments, track down customers, update their information, and offer debt restructuring options when needed.

Benefits of outsourcing your inbound & outbound calls

Cloudstaff provides access to the top English, Chinese and Japanese speaking talent in Asia who work exclusively for you in whatever time zones you require.

With fully flexible operation structures available, choose from fully managed turnkey solutions that deliver set KPIs or maintain full operational control of your team without the hassles of recruiting, HR, payroll & government regulations. We do business your way.

Trusted by hundreds of SMEs worldwide, Cloudstaff is the smarter and most cost-effective way to grow and scale your business.

Cost effective

Slash staff costs without sacrificing quality

Fully flexible service

Choose from fully managed services or maintain full operational control

Experienced professionals

Access one of Asia’s largest talent pools

Multilingual support

Expand your market share & deliver service excellence with Chinese & Japanese support agents

World-Class facilities

Modern office suites with high-speed internet, latest software and technology

Industry-leading staff retention

Loyal staff dedicated to growing your business

Data security

Keep your data safe with strict PCI & HIPAA compliant security levels

Quality assurance

Experienced team leads to oversee operations, deliver regular reports & measure success

Fluent English

English is one of the national languages of the Philippines and offers clear, neutral accents

Grow your business with Cloudstaff Voice Services.

Our experienced voice agents are ready to help you hit your targets.

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