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Things to Do to Get the Most Out of Your Executive Assistant

You’ve done the hard work of finding the best person for the job, and now it’s time to go through ways to get the most out of your executive assistant. But how?

As a business owner or manager, time is your most valuable asset. Unfortunately, it’s also the same resource that you find yourself frequently lacking. You decided that you need an executive assistant because you need to free yourself from menial tasks so you can focus on things that matter most.

You may have found finding the perfect EA challenging, but it was just the beginning. So here are some tips to get the most out of your admin support staff:

Outline your specific requirements

If you want your EA to be efficient, it’s crucial that you let them know what you need such as tasks, priorities, and goals. In other words, you help them understand your world; your industry. Effectively communicating your expectations reduces errors, misunderstandings, and confusion – making your daily operations more streamlined.

You might also find it useful to clarify your preferences, timeline for completion, and the level of detail you need for their work to make it easier for them to meet your expectations.

Assign tasks clearly and effectively

This also falls under the things you need to do to maintain efficiency. It’s true that you’re reducing your workload, but see to it that you’re also aware of the tasks’ doability before assigning them. Is this something your EA can do? Can they fit it into their current workload?

It’s vital that you provide your instructions clearly if you want to accomplish your desired outcomes. Always ask them if they have questions for clarification.

Encourage regular communication

Your admin support staff works closely with you, so constant communication is a must to always be on the same page. It helps establish a strong working relationship, foster a positive work relationship, and increase morale and productivity.

There are many communication channels you can use depending on your requirements. Staying in contact gives you the advantage of identifying possible issues or challenges at an early stage – allowing you to take proactive steps to resolve them early on.

Ensure confidentiality

Working with an administration assistant sometimes also means giving them access to sensitive and confidential information about your business, clients, and employees. When ensuring confidentiality with your EA, do it with clear context and the right technology.

You don’t want to put your organization’s reputation and legal status at risk. You can ensure security by implementing strict procedures for handling sensitive information, such as signing non-disclosure agreements, using secure communication channels, and protecting data with passwords.

Regular cybersecurity training can also prevent security breaches and keep your EA up-to-date and alert about potential threats.

Only delegate a reasonable workload

Lessening your tasks with an EA doesn’t mean overexhausting them. Before handling assignments, make sure you’re aware of your executive assistant’s current workload. Overburdening them with unmanageable tasks can only lead to mistakes and inefficiencies – and that’s the opposite of the benefit you want to get from hiring an admin support staff.

Provide constructive feedback

For continuous growth and improvement on their performance, giving constructive performance review is the way to go. Other than talking about areas that need improvement, your feedback sessions could also be a perfect time to celebrate success and achievements. Performance reviews don’t have to always be a heavy discussion.

Effective feedback should be specific, objective, and solution-focused while avoiding personal attacks. You might also want to listen to their concerns. Make sure you are also receptive with their concerns and respond appropriately. This way, you can keep mutual respect and understanding for a harmonious working relationship.

Haven’t found the right admin assistant yet?

Over the past few years, the needs of businesses have evolved, so are the ways on how you can find the right talent that suits your needs. Today, you are no longer limited by geographical restrictions that even small businesses can now access a global pool of professionals.

Outsourcing has made it possible. With the right technology, your executive assistant doesn’t have to be physically present to help you with your admin tasks. They can do all the things you need done remotely and as efficiently. And we, at Cloudstaff, can help you achieve that.

Get in touch with us today to find out how.