Managing Performance

Managing Performance

(Cloud Course A7)

Cloudstaff is pleased to announce that the Performance Management course, recently produced its first batch of Cloudstaffers to great reviews. This one day training course intends to mould staff to gain many skills necessary for managerial success.

Attendees enjoyed workshop activities that has them collaborating with other leaders in a classroom/workshop-based training setting.

“The program was fun, relevant and best of all, applicable. As a participant, and being relatively new in the team lead position, I enjoyed the manner in which the information was delivered and the open feel of the provision of many practical tools and techniques that will help me accelerate my managing performance and better achieve my leadership potential.

The ability of the facilitator to tie the practical activities into the theory was impressive. The program has resulted in increased self awareness and an ability to assist others to develop through the use of coaching rather than telling. It was indeed a great investment of individual time and client sponsorship.“

– Geneva Padua

But what makes the course SO practical, is the discussions revolving around actual live experiences from both the trainer and the attendees themselves; meaning every batch is developed from a deeply invested level. This gives them the insight to do performance managing the right way, resulting in them helping their staff grow to be better and happier employees.

If you are interested in enrolling a member of your team in this course, please contact your
account manager or Cloudstaff Training Department

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