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Cloudstaff and IPA Group Join Forces to Address Accounting Talent Challenges

Revolutionizing Accounting Careers Through Innovative Collaboration: Cloudstaff and IPA Group Join Forces.

The critical global talent shortage for accountants is a pressing challenge – not only affecting accounting firms, but companies across industries worldwide. The widening disparity between the demand for skilled accounting professionals and their availability has only been deepened by the ‘accountant burnout epidemic’. 

Enter an industry-first innovation partnership between Cloudstaff – a remote staffing pioneer for high-growth enterprises, and the IPA Group – the world’s largest accounting members group. Focused on small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with industry-leading professional development, IPA Group represents over 49,000 accounting technician members.

“This agreement establishes a bond between the two organizations providing opportunities for members in the region, initially leading out of the Philippines and supporting both Australian members (who utilize outsourcing) and the local industry through opportunity, educational standards, and ongoing professional development. It also demonstrates our continued commitment to the Accounting Technician segment of our global membership”, said Andrew Conway, IPA Group CEO.

The collaboration signifies a pivotal moment for companies grappling with hiring challenges, by extending the respected professional development opportunities of IPA Group membership to a new global pool of talented accountants.  

Lloyd Ernst, CEO of Cloudstaff, highlighted, “We’re immensely excited about this strategic partnership with the IPA Group. IPA holds a steadfast reputation among clients in Australia and worldwide, many of whom are esteemed members. This relationship extends the scope of our Cloudstaff Academy, providing an exclusive pathway to professional membership and advanced education – a distinctive offering within our industry. Finding and fostering the best talent is key to helping our customers grow – this focus on growing the industry aligns really well to the goals of the IPA and Cloudstaff clients.”


The alliance between Cloudstaff and the IPA Group signifies a significant step in addressing the accountant shortage – connecting professional development and IPA membership to the vast Cloudstaff pool of remote accounting talent. 

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