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Grow your accounting business through remote work

Unlock your competitive advantage

Support your staff

Accounting companies across the U.S. and Australia are waking up to the advantages of remote staffing. From taking over time-heavy administrative tasks to free up more billable hours to addressing the challenges of hiring staff such as accountants, bookkeepers and tax accountants, remote workers are the key to unlocking extra time and new levels of productivity for your onshore staff.

Retention is a hot topic for many accountants, particularly in the face of shortages in qualified staff. With the incorporation of remote work, largely due to the pandemic, some workers have become comfortable and unmotivated, while others feel overworked and may be eyeing something new.

Without the right strategy, especially in a competitive industry such as accounting, you run the risk of stagnation. Astute accounting businesses have already turned to outsourcing providers like Cloudstaff to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Your future accountants

By supplementing your team through outsourcing, you can grow your capacity, streamline processes and extend your billable hours.

Let remote professionals take care of bookkeeping, tax preparation, budgeting and forecasting, payroll processing, audit and compliance and other crucial tasks for you.

By providing accurate accounting and bookkeeping with remote staff members, you can grow and augment your team – helping you scale with ease.

Remote workers also produce lower overheads than in traditional hiring, giving your company yet another competitive advantage.

Making the most of your new team members

Communication is key, especially with remote workers. We understand your worries with management and accountability and have worked to eliminate them.

We use technology to enhance management, security and transparency between our partners and Cloudstaffers.

Our Cloudstaff app provides complete visibility and control over your offshore team. You can monitor activity in real-time, manage tasks, quickly communicate with team members, and review the skills of your team to identify the best person to work with your next client.

We ensure you get the most out of your remote team by preparing them specifically for your company in just a matter of weeks. The Cloudstaff Academy provides fast-tracked training to staff before they join your ranks, saving months of time typically spent with development while on the job. Cloudstaffers will join your company with knowledge of all major accounting software and your market.

Pay attention to retention

Our 94% staff retention rate isn’t an accident. We ensure your staff are happy, and therefore productive and loyal.

Our ‘Two Families’ model helps us lead the outsourcing industry:

  • While your remote staff are considered a full-time employee of your business, they are also part of the Cloudstaff family.
  • Cloudstaff sees our global locations as extended operations of our customers and treat our staff as they would, helping with productivity, retention, and high-demand from candidates looking to work with us.

Cloudstaff works with you, based on your goals and requirements.

Why Cloudstaff?

We’re a Leader in Accounting Outsourcing in the U.S. and Australia

We have over 6,000 dedicated staff and ensure all workers are trained to industry standards

We Maintain a 94% Staff Retention Rate

Our team members care about your business

Reduce Your Overhead Costs

70% saving compared to the cost of onshore resources

#1 Place To Work in the Philippines

We have access to the best accounting candidates

Book a meeting with us today to learn more about how we can help you take your business to new heights.

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