CS Easter Sunday

A Very Cloudstaff Easter

26 & 27 March 2016 – Cloudstaffers visited the Duyan Ni Maria Children’s Home last Saturday and Sunday to show a little love to its residents. Cloudstaffers Jennifer, Graham, and Janet, brought with them dozens of eggs and paint; for a fun-filled weekend of art, games, and festivities!

Kids of all ages learned to paint and decorate eggs, with the supervision of our Cloudstaffers. The day started fairly simply with the handing out of eggs and art materials, but by the end of it paint was everywhere, and similarly the smiles of children were also seen wherever you look.

After all the eggs were painted, they were hidden for the grand tradition of the Easter Egg Hunt! Despite dirty hands, glitter-filled tables, and paint and eggshells as far as the eye can see; the outreach program was an overwhelming success!

It is wonderful to see people giving up their time to help those less fortunate than themselves, and now with CS Cares Cloudstaffers can multiply their efforts in helping others! Cloudstaff’s social responsibility and community development club AKA CloudstaffCares is now looking for members to help expand its reach and to increase its efforts. So if you wish to help your community do send us a message.

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