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No more struggle between work and life

Work-life balance is defined as the relationship between work and lifestyle and how they impact one another.

This has been the problem of many workers since then — they are struggling to properly balance work and life. And what makes it more difficult is no one can really tell whether these are balanced or not. There is no invented “work-life balance scale” yet to accurately compare how much of life is spent on work and how much on personal life. And that is obviously beyond the bounds of possibility.

What really happens nowadays is in order to get enough time for one, workers need to sacrifice the other, which makes balancing work and life impossible. Here, it is clear that the biggest barrier to achieve this balance is “time”; responsibilities and workloads increase but time is constant, a 24-hour cycle which has to be distributed over all of the work and life responsibilities.

Companies have been putting much effort in finding ways to provide their staff with a work-life balanced workplace. And they have discovered that one of the most effective solutions is putting work and life in one place. If bringing work to home is unhealthy, then bringing home to work may be the answer!

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Companies, including Cloudstaff, are currently implementing this. Cloudstaff welcomes staff’s family to the office, staff can bring their children with them as long as they will be “good girls and boys,” and even conducts a family day for them. Cloudstaff also provides breakout rooms for staff where they can play and relax; videoke and band rooms for music lovers; and playrooms with Playstation, pool table, and ping pong. Home has been this accessible in Cloudstaff. What is time restriction if staff can reach “life” in less than a minute?

Based on Cloudstaff’s experience, there are many proven benefits of providing employees with facilities to help them achieve a balanced work and life. Some of the clear advantages are diminished burnout rates in staff, increased morale and motivation, and better productivity. Not only that, the staff also learn to love their job and the company more because they know they are being appreciated and given importance.

As stated, though work and life balance can’t really be measured, keeping staff happy and making them feel right at home makes it a lot easier for staff to achieve a proper work-life balance.

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