How will technology change the way we work?

Recent news reveals that machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to influence the way we do our jobs. Is it a good thing or should we feel threatened?

Artificial intelligence has been taking the world by storm and has been going around for a couple of decades now. The prevalence of this topic has sparked countless questions, controversies, and debates leaving people skeptic about fully embracing it.

Symbiotic relationship between people and technology

There are assumptions stating that millions of jobs can be lost as a result of these developments and several careers will be at stake because of AI. The fear of replacing human jobs leads most people to think that their skills would go to waste as machine learning takes over. Despite the negativity and hesitation, artificial intelligence and machine learning would create an impact that can bring about game-changing possibilities for everyone, especially with almost all existing industries.

Understanding how technology can facilitate human jobs will make people realise how economical AI would be for businesses and staff, themselves. Imagine building a complementary relationship between these two different components. Machines may replace a number of manual jobs but it can also mean enhancement when doing work — it is like doing the job more efficiently with higher quality and at a greater volume. In simpler terms, technology enhances human performance rather than replacing them.

The use of AI would change jobs for the better

One of the main aims of technological advancements is to make people’s lives easier. There would be some changes on how work is done. This means that routinary, monotonous, and repetitive tasks are eradicated.

As such happens, it can open limitless opportunities for people to grow their skills more and improve their craft leading to greater collaboration, higher accuracy, and a more efficient performance when doing their work. It would instigate employees to focus more on the “creative” and “intelligent” elements of their role.

On that account, it would encourage people to concentrate more with results and not with tasks.

Reshaping of the working environment

As AI would augment human jobs, it further leads to transforming the workplace into a place that fosters building staff capability for performance, and such requires companies to capitalise on development of skills for exploration and innovation.

Moreover, with the rise of technology, customers’ expectations from businesses and/or service providers have also increased. Using AI and machine learning as building blocks to rise to the expectations is a proactive way of dealing with the present changes. The buzzword is to “level up” and to “accelerate.”

Undeniably, jobs continuously evolve and Cloudstaff understands the need to be “future proof” — that is being digitally and technologically fit to the needs of industries. Recognised as the Modern Workforce, we embrace technological advancements with open arms and our staff are geared towards seeking opportunities to grow, learn, and stay up-to-date, which would definitely benefit the whole organisation as well as our customers.

Will technology change the way we work? It will, and that, absolutely, is for the better.

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