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Reasons customers choose to outsource with Cloudstaff

Cloudstaff specialises in delivering successful outsourcing solutions to many different types of businesses across the globe, and the reasons they choose to outsource in the Philippines might surprise you.


When you first talk to people about why companies outsource, they will usually say “to save money”, but when we talk to our customers, they often have other reasons why they chose to build their offshore team with Cloudstaff in the Philippines, and it is not all salary arbitrage.


Time-shifting allows companies to take the tasks that might be causing bottlenecks in their daily workflow and offset them to remove delays and streamline operations. Cloudstaff operates multiple shifts, 24×7, giving customers the flexibility to customise the hours their teams work to suit their specific business needs.

We have a customer that develops software for financial institutions. Their development team works to their local day shift because they work closely with the company’s core business units, but the majority of quality testing is performed outside the standard development workday, allowing for a two-hour handover. When the development team starts their shift, they have a complete list of issues and bugs that were discovered overnight.

Cloudstaff systems and services have been designed to fully accommodate time-shifting. We have support staff working 24×7 to resolve technical issues, take care of staff that become unwell, or even buy them food at two in the morning.

Out of Space

Office space can be expensive, and depending on your location, there may not be suitable space available to expand. One Cloudstaff customer explained that the reason they were outsourcing was that they had run out of room, and there was no more space available in their building.

They could not afford the time or expense to set up another office. They were also concerned about the IT and office support required to maintain the needs of the staff in the proposed new space. It was a distraction and a cost they just couldn’t afford, so they chose to partner with Cloudstaff and build an offshore team in the Philippines.

When you outsource with Cloudstaff, the office space, fit out, future expansion, HR, and IT are managed by our professional support teams. Cloudstaff assumes responsibility for  all of these operational functions and allows you to focus on your core deliverables and workflow.

Control On Costs and Transparency

Some of our customers just want a simpler way to track their running costs. There are many hidden costs when you hire employees; wages are just a component of the total costs of employing staff. Some of these costs include desks, chairs, office space, parking, electricity, security, and many more.

These costs are often overlooked, and can be difficult to manage as they can frequently change. Cloudstaff’s pricing model dramatically simplifies these hidden costs by combining them all into a single fixed monthly fee. This consolidated cost model makes financial reporting and creating future projections much simpler.

Finding staff

Recruiting is hard. Finding the right people, at the right time, for the right cost, with the right skills can be almost impossible. Then you go through the endless negotiations and paperwork that costs you even more time.

Some Cloudstaff customers have turned to outsourcing because they have been unable to solve their recruitment problems locally. This may be the result of a shortage of local talent, demand constraints of the desired skillsets, the time involved in finding the right person, or simply the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Cloudstaff have a professional recruitment department that is dedicated to servicing the needs of our customers. With an incredible pool of highly skilled, experienced candidates, processes designed to match the right staff to the right customer (and role), and the tools to ensure successful placements, the recruitment process is something that customers simply don’t need to worry about.

Free up time of onshore staff

One of the most common reasons people outsource is to free up the time of their onshore staff. They can’t afford to have their experienced, specialized staff tied up doing time-consuming tasks that could be performed more effectively by dedicated offshore staff. It is in the best interests of their business to have their key staff focused on creating value in the business.

Cloudstaff understands what it takes to deliver efficient support staff that can work closely with customers to reduce the workload of key onshore staff, allowing them to focus on the company’s key goals.


Business owners and managers are often time-poor. There are hundreds of things they could be spending their time on that would add real value to their business, but lose a lot of their day dealing with issues that are just noise.

Cloudstaff delivers workforce solutions that really work. Cloudstaff provides the staff, tools and systems that allow business owners and managers to actually focus on growing their business.


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