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Why Tech and Emerging Tech are Critical to Outsourcing

If there is one constant in business, it’s innovation. In today’s globalised world, outsourcing has become an integral business model. The biggest influencing factor in its success is technology.

Outsourcing offers businesses a cost-effective solution when expanding into new marketing. At the same time, it helps ensure sustainable growth and exceptional customer service and support. Despite the many benefits businesses could see with outsourcing, our Talent Revolution study showed there are many misconceptions we must overcome if we are to succeed.

Perceived outsourcing challenges

Cloudstaff is out here busting long-held outsourcing misconceptions. Some of the most common perceived outsourcing challenges are communication barriers and the difficulty in managing offshore staff. 

In reality, the countries where outsourcing countries operate have close ties to Western nations. Additionally, managing a remote workforce is made easier with technology and emerging technology. They play a critical role in outsourcing, providing businesses with the tools required to manage their remote workers effectively while ensuring smooth operations.

How technology promotes successful outsourcing

Remote worker visibility

One of the most significant perceived outsourcing challenges is managing remote workers who may be located in different time zones or countries.

With the help of technology, businesses can monitor their people in real-time. It includes using software to track projects they’re working on, including:

  • Time spent on specific tasks
  • Number of completed objectives
  • Screenshots of workstations

This level of transparency helps ensure remote workers are efficient and productive. It also provides businesses with peace of mind that they’re money is well spent. Additionally, working with outsourcing partners in different time zones enables businesses to expand into new markets faster and provide 24/7 customer service and support, further underpinning business growth.

Effortless time management

Effective time management is crucial to all employees, not just remote workers. Technology provides online check-in and check-out systems, allowing businesses to monitor when remote workers are starting and ending their shifts. 

Technology allows businesses to accurately monitor workloads, manage overtime and prevent time theft by ensuring remote workers stick to their required shift patterns. Additionally, it ensures businesses can precisely track hours worked, manage payroll and compensate offshore workers accordingly.

Real-time project updates

Completely projects on time and within budget is essential to business success. Real-time monitoring of remote workers enables this by providing up-to-the-second transparency of tasks assigned to remote workers. 

It enables managers to provide clear stakeholder project updates. It also enables businesses to make informed decisions and provide feedback to their teams as needed. This level of visibility helps ensure that projects are progressing as planned and any issues that arise can be addressed immediately.

Reward and recognition

Technology isn’t just about transparency, efficiency and productivity. It can help promote employee retention and engagement. Businesses can harness the power of cutting-edge software to reward remote workers for a job well done, providing incentives for increased productivity and motivation.

Efficient project management

Successful outsourcing is highly dependent on effective task management. With the help of project management software, businesses can easily assign tasks and deadlines to their offshore staff.

Remote workers can then complete the assigned task and submit them online, where they can be reviewed by their line manager, business owner or project coordinator. This process helps ensure tasks are completed on time and to the required standard. 

Data privacy and intellectual property security

Data privacy and security is at the top of every business agenda. With remote work comes increased security risks – and knowing your outsourcing partner makes it one of their top priorities is important. 

Businesses must ensure that their remote workers log in securely and that the business data they are accessing is protected. Using two-factor authentication for all logins adds an extra layer of security by requiring a code to be entered in addition to their password.

Cloudstaff’s workforce is highly secure, uses two-factor authentication and operates on secure networks. Additionally, all workstations, laptops and devices are protected with antivirus software to ensure your security standards are met.

Business continuity

A stable, reliable connection is vital to the success of the outsourcing business model. Remote workers require an internet connection to work effectively. This means businesses must ensure their offshore team has access to high-speed internet, preferably supported by fiber. 

It not only helps ensure that remote workers are efficient, but also reduces the risk of connectivity issues and downtime that can lead to lost productivity and reduced profitability.

Cloudstaff provides its staff, both in the office and those that work from home, with high performance, redundant connectivity. Additionally, its IT teams manage and monitor performance 24/7, ensuring maximum uptime.

Role-specific tools and software

Ensuring the tools, technology and software provided to your remote teams is up-to-date and aligned with their roles is vital. This includes enabling their success with software and hardware that is required to complete projects, such as: 

  • Accounting software
  • Design tools
  • Project management suites
  • Collaboration technology

Additionally, businesses must ensure their remote workers have access to the necessary training and support to use these tools effectively.

Cloudstaff ensures its staff is fully prepared for the roles assigned to them. This includes access to Cloudstaff Academy, with a range of virtual classrooms, role specific training and educational materials. It also provides:

  • Industry-leading role specific software
  • Cutting edge hardware, computers and devices
  • Communication and task management tools
  • Ongoing training programmes to keep them on top of industry trends

Ensure outsourcing success with Cloudstaff

Cloudstaff understands the vital role technology and emerging technology plays in outsourcing. It provides businesses and remote workers with the tools required to complete projects and tasks on time and within budget. 

From real-time monitoring of remote workers to ensuring they have reliable and secure connections, Cloudstaff is the ideal partner to lead you through the outsourcing business model. Get in touch with our team to discuss how outsourcing can help achieve your business objectives.