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Outsourcing Your Real Estate Marketing: When to Do It?

The ever-changing and demanding landscape of the real industry is not news to you. You handle tasks that are sometimes too much for you to handle because, admit it, you want to close deals as many as possible.

You want to do things efficiently and refuse to settle for less. But you are burdened with overwhelming daily tasks. So a question arises: “Is it time for you to outsource your marketing?”

Effective marketing is key to thriving real estate businesses – it generates leads and even secures success. The problem is there’s too much on your plate and marketing ends up taking a backseat.

Real estate marketing has a wide range of disciplines that require technical know-how that may be beyond your specialization. So it’s very likely that you find yourself stretched too thin to even take care of it. You get caught up in the whirlwind of daily tasks, plus marketing if you still insist on handling it.

You want great results, better market listings, and to sell properties faster, but your marketing efforts no longer deliver. There’s a viable strategy out there waiting for you to embrace. Outsourcing.

Now, here are some telltale signs that tell you it’s time to outsource your marketing tasks:

When you’re being overworked

It’s natural for real estate professionals to wear many hats. Oftentimes you’re office manager, admin and back-office support, but it can mean you don’t have enough time for things like marketing. Trying to do everything means you have less of a work-life balance.  

In that case, offshore staffing can free up your valuable time. Instead of allotting separate time for managing your marketing functions, you can focus on property acquisition, client relationships, and other critical tasks that badly need your attention.

When you need fresh perspectives

When you hire offshore staff, you get fresh ideas and insights that are quite different from what you’re used to with your in-house team. The new approach they bring can be the one that works best for you.

Outsourcing gives you the power to tap into a global and diverse talent pool of professionals that have specialized knowledge and skills that you may not have in-house. Your offshore staff gives you the advantage to leverage their diverse background, skills, knowledge, and strategies. This way, you can connect with your target audience more effectively and in a more human way.

When you don’t get enough engagements or inquiries for the listings

One of the most frustrating things about real estate marketing is when the pieces of content you publish don’t get enough attention. One of the possible reasons you need to look into is the quality of your content. Do they reach the right audience? Are they compelling enough to attract engagements? Do they hit the selling points of your properties?

Through outsourcing, you’ll have easy access to professionals that can create informative, interactive, personalized, and shareable copy and photos. These experts know your target market really well and can utilize techniques to effectively attract more potential clients or tenants.

When you need more expertise

Digital marketing, listings management, content creation, SEO, and social media management are just some of the disciplines of real estate marketing. These are also some of the most outsourced marketing tasks. You may have some knowledge in executing these, but you need to leave them in more capable hands if you want to achieve efficiency.

Even if you have time to do basic marketing activities, your skills and knowledge might not be enough to keep up with the new marketing tools and strategies. If that’s the case, it’s time you outsourced a marketing team that knows their way around the real estate industry, skilled with the latest tools and technologies, can keep up with the latest trends, and can come up with new strategies that work.

Effectively executing this gives you the competitive edge that keeps you steps ahead of your competitors.

When you need to cut costs

At the end of the day, outsourcing is all about cost savings while getting the value you needed that set you out in hiring offshore staff in the first place. When you hire an offshore marketing team, you free yourself from worrying about office spaces, tools and technology you don’t have in-house, and hiring and training staff.

The right outsourcing provider can take care of almost everything else. All you have to do is to oversee their work.

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