An image showing multiple computers being in different geolocations care of Cloudstaff Teleport.

Cloudstaff Teleport; Transporting Made Easy

Preparation for a new concept is ongoing, a system that lets a Cloudstaffer be at two places at once is currently being tested and, once set will be released to clients. It is called Cloudstaff Teleport.

According to Cloudstaff’s Founder and CEO Lloyd Ernst, this system lets the user have a different virtual location when using their computer. An example is when a user books flights for their clients as if they were in their boss’ timezone and geographical location which makes results more accurate. Using the system makes it easier for users to help out their clients in their tasks e.g. booking flights, setting up SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) and anything that is geographically sensitive.

From the name itself, it’s like being transported across space and time instantly without the need to go there physically and without the hassle of flying across countries. Plus you don’t have to spend on airplane tickets.

As of the moment it offers web browsers to be transported to Brisbane, Sydney, Hong Kong and San Francisco. It is also free on Beta for testing and will be available for $9.90 a month to clients once fully set and up and running.

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