Mt. Arayat's peak

CS Outdoor Group celebrates anniversary at Mt. Arayat’s peak

After several mountains they conquered, hundreds of photos they saved, and the countless memories they collected, our CS Outdoor Group celebrates their first year and they have taken their adventure to a whole new level.

The CS Outdoor Group, headed by Jaime, marked their first anniversary by traversing the difficult trail of Mt. Arayat’s pinnacle peak and south peak.

Mt. Arayat

Mt. Arayat is an extinct stratovolcano on Luzon Island, Philippines rising to a height of 1,026 meters.

It took a lot of preparation, courage and deep breaths because they know that this adventure will really challenge their strength and bravery. They made sure that all the weapons needed are in, like lunch and trail food, and then the trek began.

It was a three-hour hike, including some stumbles, before they were able to come to the pinnacle peak. Reaching the summit drained a lot of their energy (that’s what the food are for), but it was not yet the end of their journey. After recharging, they proceeded to the south peak via the “monkey trail” as they call it, because only the ropes and the roots will help to make it safely to the other side.

After another three hours, they arrived to the view deck of the south peak and that is when all the jitters faded away. According to Jaime, it felt like they were in the middle of the world witnessing the mesmerizing beauty of the city from the sky. And it was really a blissful day as the clear weather seemed to comply which allowed them to see the scenery without a hitch.

It was a tough climb and is definitely not recommended for beginners, but the trail difficulty was not a hindrance for the group to victoriously ascend — because nothing beats one’s passion for adventure and love for nature.

More adventures to come CS Outdoor Group! Keep on indulging your wanderlustful soul.

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