cloudstaff invades devcup!

DevCup 2015: Geeks of the Philippines Unite! – Cloudstaff

Recently some of our developers and technical staff (and their support crew) packed their bags and headed down to Manila to participate in the DevCup, an annual gathering of amazing developers, designers and technology enthusiasts, which aims to spotlight the local developer talent. It was an amazing opportunity for our team to showcase their skills, learn from like-minded individuals and most of all have fun while making awesome applications and websites. DevCup 2015 was a fun-filled experience for everyone that attended, and our team benefited greatly from hanging out with the developer elite.


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  • Great Developers on Demand (DoD) from Cloudstaff
    The demand for developers is soaring as websites and apps have become the lifeblood of most businesses. This has made finding great developers very difficult and very expensive. Cloudstaff’s Developer on Demand program is a great solution that addresses these challenges.

    The demand for great developers far outstrips their availability— they are scarce. The complicated and often lengthy process of hiring developers is probably not your only concern. You might only need a developer for a couple of months to make a quick app, or you might want to test drive a developer before committing to a long-term contract. You might find you don’t have the available development resources to complete a project and need a bit of a hand for a month or two. We have the perfect solution to these problems.

    Cloudstaff created the Developers on Demand (DoD) program to solve these challenges. DoD gives you access to a pool of experienced, highly skilled Cloudstaff developers who work for you on a month-to-month basis. There are no long-term contracts or complicated invoices, you pay a simple fixed monthly fee and renew the contract each month.

  • Ready, set, code – Cloudstaff’s Code for Toys (CForT) Program
    Our developers never let a minute go to waste because with Cloudstaff’s Code for Toys (CForT) program, the gadget they have always wanted is just a few codes away.

    We have been doing tons of research and hours of brainstorming to develop the best strategy to encourage our staff to continuously learn. “We are motivated by our dreams,” they said, and that’s why we came up with the CForT program. This exciting program allows our developers to practice and enhance their skills on various projects. When the required number of coding hours is complete, they have earned their dream gadget.

    They are free to choose their prize, select the project they want to work on and code in their own time. They pick a project from a long list, ranging from small to large. It doesn’t matter if they do multiple small projects or one big project as long as they can make it work and complete the required hours associated with their chosen item. They also need to ensure that they only do the coding in their free time after shift and in no circumstances should it interfere with their present workload.

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