Ready, set, code - Cloudstaff’s Code for Toys (CForT) Program

Ready, set, code – Cloudstaff’s Code for Toys (CForT) Program

Our developers never let a minute go to waste because with Cloudstaff’s Code for Toys (CForT) program, the gadget they have always wanted is just a few codes away.

We have been doing tons of research and hours of brainstorming to develop the best strategy to encourage our staff to continuously learn. “We are motivated by our dreams,” they said, and that’s why we came up with the CForT program.  This exciting program allows our developers to practice and enhance their skills on various projects.  When the required number of coding hours is complete, they have earned their dream gadget.

They are free to choose their prize, select the project they want to work on and code in their own time. They pick a project from a long list, ranging from small to large. It doesn’t matter if they do multiple small projects or one big project as long as they can make it work and complete the required hours associated with their chosen item. They also need to ensure that they only do the coding in their free time after shift and in no circumstances should it interfere with their present workload.

So far, thirteen staff have achieved ownership of their dream toys through CForT.  Rewards achieved include a MacBook Pro, a Canon DSLR camera, a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, and a Dell Inspiron gaming laptop. There were also two developers who opted to get the cash equivalent of their coding hours.

We can say that investing in this program has really paid off.  We have seen even greater benefits than we expected. CForT allows our developers to have more productive leisure time.  It also doubles as their training to efficiently produce higher quality programs for the company. The CForT program has been a very effective incentive to practice their coding skills.  Their eagerness to is not solely dependent on their need for learning, but also on their personal motivations.

Cloudstaff constantly encourages the staff to pursue their professional development, and we are very much willing to push them hard towards reaching their full potential.

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