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How to develop triggers and establish trust in an outsourced business

No matter what kind of business you have, creating a clear workflow is an important part of the process—especially when you’re outsourcing. It’s how you can allocate tasks that can be automatically distributed without back-and-forth emails.

Relying on regularly email exchanges with your staff to monitor their progress can be a huge mistake. Why? Because constantly checking on and responding to emails can negatively affect their productivity. If you don’t know how to utilise emails effectively as part of your business processes, you’re only causing distractions and wasting everybody’s precious time rather than allowing them to focus on important tasks.

When you’re outsourcing, you have to decide on the processes you want to aim at and figure out how to make them work. Drawing a series of flowcharts can be an excellent way to achieve this. Think about how each process would work from start to end. You also have to consider what it would look like once your staff becomes involved in these processes.

This strategy can make it easier for everyone to understand their responsibilities, as well as how things would move around the business. These are the kinds of triggers you need to have—when your onshore team does one thing, your offshore team does another. Nothing and no one is left hanging.

Of course, emails can still be useful as a means to seek information, but you have to be clear and direct with your message. Ask great questions and not just for the sake of asking so you could check up on everybody.

It’s also important to trust your staff and have confidence in their abilities. Trust your own process and believe that they’re doing things correctly. They were hired because they have what it takes to get the job done, so leave them to it.   

Clearly defined processes improve the overall communication within your organisation, especially between you and your staff members or even your clients. At the end of the day, the results will speak for itself.

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Building an offshore team is a particularly effective way to quickly boost productivity, but keep in mind that creating processes and triggers and building trust in what’s happening in your business are extremely important elements to have in place to get the most from your outsourcing experience.

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