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Hidden beauty of the Purgatory

What’s in Mt. Purgatory that attracts hikers? Maybe they want to unfold the mystery behind its name, to prove that they can overcome its challenging trail, or maybe they want to witness the captivating beauty of the world from its pinnacle.


A high elevation of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, surrounded by intensely cold air which ranges from 0-18 degrees celsius, covered with a blinding cloudiness and darkness, especially at night, and lack of water supply except from some areas — these are the reasons Mt. Purgatory has been baptized with its name, likened to the sufferings of souls in a purgatory. Sounds terrifying, but our Cloudstaff Outdoor group remained undaunted, traveled all the way from Pampanga to Benguet, and took on the challenge to conquer the Mt. Purgatory traverse.

Climbing a mountain alone is already challenging, what more could it be if it is hiking six mountains? The group members, namely Nichole, Rodolfo, Reo, Jaime, Dina, Joey, Bea, Irene, and Charles have successfully completed Mt. Purgatory traverse in two days. The trail consists of Mt. Komkompol, Mt. Mangagew, Mt. Pack, Mt. Bakian, Mt. Tangbaw, and Mt. Purgatory Mangisi. Aside from the energy-draining trek during the day, they also had a troubled night sleep because of the freezing weather and a rock-hard bed. Plus, the freezing weather and the pitch black night made it difficult for them to fall asleep. There was no electricity; their only source of light and heat was a bonfire.

But in the end, something heavenlike soothed away all the blisters, muscle pains, and bruises they got from the long hike. A scenery of mountain formation and a sea of clouds were the great views that greeted them at the peak of the traverse. “No matter which angle you look at, it couldn’t have been more perfect.” — this is how Rodolfo, one of the members, described what he saw. He also added that with mountain climbing, he gets to see the breathtaking beauty of the world that others cannot see from below and he feels an unexplainable happiness which no one could understand unless they personally experience it.

Mountain climbing is the passion of our ever-adventurous CS Outdoor group and no steep mountain or a rough trail can stop them from pursuing their heart’s desire.

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