Why a good design matters to your business

Why a good design matters to your business

Cloudstaff believes in the power of good graphics and creativity; we regard design as a strategic investment and not as an added cost and burden.

Investment is an important aspect in business that is not limited to lands, buildings, equipment or other tangible assets. Making your brand appealing to the public is also a form of investment that you should not neglect.

For an improved and profitable marketing strategy, a good graphic design for your business has a serious impact on building your brand identity. Creating a lasting and striking impression gets you countless potential customers. But not only that, you also shape your business in a way that makes your current customers stay with you.

Most businesses tend to take for granted a good design and perceive it as an added expenditure. However, this kind of thinking must be transformed into seeing the long-term benefits of a good design. Why does a good design matter to your business? Here are several reasons — not only to convince you but to make you see its significance in every business.

1. Having a good design keeps you in style

This day and age where people are hooked to social media can be used to your business advantage. People love to be on trend and to keep up with the latest updates. Staying on trend makes your brand more appealing. Modernising your branding makes sure that you capture both old and new customers, including today’s young people.

More than that, updating your design to the newest trend eradicates the notion that your brand is boring and dull. Your audience would love to see the changes, like a young lady having her hairstyle changed after some time to create a more exciting and fresh look.

2. Having a good design supports your sales pitch

Everyday, there are new businesses coming online, and people are open to transacting business via a website. However, there are cases of fictitious and fraudulent businesses.  This makes some people trust less in making online transactions. It has become a reality that people tend to mistrust websites with poor design and fail to give it a second thought, resulting in loss of potential customers in the long run.

In addition, professionally designed graphics can affect customers’ decisions whether to choose your business over the others. It might just be a simple design, but its effects are quite wide.

3. Having a good design helps communicate your brand

When you have a good design, long talks and presentations become less essential. Your customers are given better insights about what you do through your graphics. A perfect analogy for this is pictures of food. Food establishments aim to make their food products more appealing and plate them in a manner that will entice the customers. It sure reshapes the perception of a customer of the dish as being fresh, appetising, and of good quality.

Of course you should not focus on graphics alone.  You also have to put effort in building a reputable and excellent product to make your customers’ trust and money worth.

4. Having a good design makes your business memorable

Creating a design that can be easily recognised from others gives you an advantage over your competitors. People notice your brand.  This along with acknowledging that your products are amazing, comprises the formula for building a timeless brand.

Every business wants to thrive for many years as possible — to retain your customers’ interest in your products, you can begin by investing in good graphics design.

It has been a practice of Cloudstaff to come up with impressive and stirring designs to better communicate with its customers. Moreover, we believe in the power of good graphics and creativity; we regard design as a strategic investment and not as an added cost and burden.



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