Language Neutralisation and Communication

(Cloud Course A12)

Cloudstaff would like to offer a training course for any of your staff whom you would consider to benefit from Language Neutralisation and Communication training.

The course is run by a professional Training Facilitator with over 10 years of experience. The objective of this course is to assist Cloudstaffers to be more confident in communicating with their clients and/or their client’s customers; by using English as the medium.

The aim is to help anyone who would like to be better communicators. This course is for people who would like to be more confident in the way they speak, to have a better understanding of what makes a good conversation, to have an easier time choosing the right words, and to have better execution of thoughts so that they come out as understandable.

The course covers 5 days of training. and is divided into three parts:

  • Active Listening (day 1),
  • Grammar (days 2-3),
  • and Pronunciation (days 4-5).

During the course there are activities and lectures to help the trainees easily understand these three concepts. After the course trainees should have an easier time speaking the English language and will have developed better communication skills.

If you are interested in enrolling a member of your team in this course, please contact your account manager or Cloudstaff Training Department

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