Cake Perks

What are the perks of working at Cloudstaff?

It is part of Cloudstaff’s culture to reward its hard working staff.

Perks that employees enjoy are free snacks, meals, shake, beer, coffee, chocolate drinks, karaoke rooms, gadgets and toys, massages, monthly parties and team building events. Cloudstaff makes sure that employees are well taken care of.

Cloudstaff perks are really important part of our culture. Everyday there is something great going on Cloudstaff for the employees. Whether it’s Monday night massages or Tuesday night chook lotto or Wednesday it’s shake day, Thursday is a free meal and Friday it’s beer day. So everyday there is something happening. In addition to that we have lots of in-office perks such as billiard tables, ping pong tables, karaoke rooms. And we even have our own velvet room which is a nightclub for the staff’s exclusive use. There’s also perks that include a live DJ and an internal radio as well as major events through the year, major team building events such as a mid year event and a major Christmas party which last year featured opera singers and philharmonic orchestra. So Cloudstaff perks are little things that we do for the staff that make it a really great place to come and work.


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