The inevitable rise of the outsourced workforce

> The inevitable rise of the outsourced workforce

The inevitable rise of the outsourced workforce

Workplaces are always evolving and real-time collaboration and interactions from remote locations are now commonplace and effortless. Modern technology has paved the way for business owners and employees to really shape their work environment.

Cloud based platforms, improved communications streams, and the ready availability of outsourced workers has put an end to the geographic limitations of building and working with teams across the globe. Likewise, onshore workers are increasingly working on flexible schedules with remote access for a better work-life balance.

The rise of the outsourced workforce is a win-win situation for staff and management alike. For business owners, it allows them to save on office space and facilities, and allows them to access to a global talent pool, often at a reduced rate.  For workers, it offers them the opportunity to live wherever they like, cut out travel times, and apply and work for businesses around the globe.  

The top industries for remote workers 

Of course some industries are more suited to remote workers than others. 

If you are in the software or app development business, it is relatively easy to find people with the skills you need. There are many developers around the world who have the expertise you require and there is usually no need for them to be sharing an office with you. 

Marketing and creative services are also great industries for remote and outsourced staff. Various roles that can be done remotely include social media management, digital marketing, content writing and SEO/SEM management.

Other popular roles include accounting, administration, data entry, back office processing, collections, architecture, customer care, and content moderation. 

Basically any job that can be done from a desk and a computer can be done remotely. 

The challenges of working with remote workers

Remote working has many benefits, but it is not without it drawbacks. Attracting and recruiting the right people is crucial as not all people are productive when working in a remote office. Regular check ins and communication are key to ensuring remote staff feel connected and focussed. 

When you have offices across the globe, getting your people to meet for a business purpose can be difficult. Thankfully there is now an abundance of software and communications platforms that allow remote teams to meet and collaborate in real time. It is advisable to invest some time into finding the right platform for your business.  

Connectivity also helps you keep track of your staff’s activities and efficiency. Cloud based software allows you to easily monitor how tasks and projects are progressing without the need for constant emails and micromanaging.   

Find your workforce with Cloudstaff

When looking for an outsourcing partner, it’s important to find the right fit for your business. At Cloudstaff, we combine technology and industry specialists to help you get the results you need.

Cloudstaff’s modern workforce is the next generation of outsourcing. We help businesses become more profitable by providing affordable professionals to support your business and allow you to grow and scale as needed. 

Outsourcing with Cloudstaff can help you overcome skills shortage and become more competitive in the global market. It’s the smarter, more cost effective way to do business. 

Do you want to get productive results for your business? Build your modern workforce with us. Email us at info@cloudstaff.com to learn more.


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