Cloudstaff Customer Success Managers: The Key to Your Success

Do you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager? 

Deciding to take the plunge and set up an offshore team and start outsourcing is a big step. To ensure your success, it’s important to find an outsourcing provider who understands your business and the unique challenges that your industry faces. 

“They don’t get what we do”… is one of the most common complaints we hear from businesses who were disappointed with their previous outsourcing partner and are looking to move their team to a new setup.

The truth is that most top level outsourcing providers do what they can to support your business, and in many cases, will offer helpful outsourcing tips, but there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. 

To access outsourcing’s full benefits, your provider needs to understand the finer details of how your specific industry works and be willing and able to work with your team to achieve your goals.

Cloudstaff’s Customer Success Managers understand outsourcing

Having spent over a decade setting up countless offshore teams for businesses around the world, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. In our experience, nothing beats guidance from industry experts with an in-depth understanding of outsourcing and the customer’s relevant industry. 

In our early years, we had a team with specialist IT sector and real estate industry knowledge. Unsurprisingly, these were areas where we found major success, because we understood our customers, their challenges and what they needed to achieve from outsourcing. We also knew how to optimize team performance with KPIs and metrics – maximizing the outcome.One of the main catalysts for usto be truly successful in other industries and offer the service levels that saw our customers build highly effective, long-term teams was the launch of an initiative we termed ‘Customer Success Managers’.

Cloudstaff customer success initiative

The Customer Success Manager initiative  aimed to hire highly-experienced professionals who were experts in their respective fields. They’d be dedicated to  working with our customers, staff and relevant operational departments to deliver the best service possible. 

“Customer Success Managers assist with the onboarding of customers to train team members, set tasks and appropriate metrics to maximise team success. They’re industry-based experts who can be relied upon to maximise your team’s efficiency and answer any concerns.

“Our customers find that they don’t always know how to establish an outsourced team – and our Customer Success Managers fill the gaps for them.”

Lee Wade – Chief Product Officer

The Cloudstaff Customer Success program has proven to be an overwhelming success and has made significant improvements for our customers in four unique ways:

  • Team structure
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Training
  • Ongoing mentorship

Team structure

When businesses set up an offshore team, especially when doing it for the first time, they are often unsure about where to begin, which roles they should be outsourcing first and how to structure the team. 

While they may have a good understanding of existing operations, a little knowhow is required to modify their systems to optimize them to work in an offshore setting. 

This is where the Customer Success Managers really shine. With a clear understanding about how their specialist industry works in an outsourced setting, they are available to work and consult closely with the clients to get the team settings right the first time, minimizing trial and error processes that can be both time-consuming and costly.    

Customer Success Managers

With a clearer understanding of exactly what roles and requirements are needed for a new team, the Customer Success Manager works directly with the Recruitment Department to ensure that only the very best and most appropriate candidates are sourced, vetted and put forward to the client for an interview. 

While most of the work is done behind the scenes and will never be seen by the client, the results are evident –  higher quality candidates, hand-picked to ensure the greatest chance of success.


When companies bring on new hires in their home countries, there is almost always some type of training or orientation provided. This training is just as important for your offshore team, but the delivery method will obviously need to be different. 

Customer Success Managers help here in two primary ways. The first is working with the client to help them set up training programs that are conducive to remote working, and the second is to assist in the delivery of on-site training sessions. 

While many clients like to visit their offshore teams to conduct training sessions personally, this is not always practical. Customer Success Managers can step in and assist to help get teams onboard and ready to perform. 

Ongoing mentorship

Outsourcing is not a set and forget process. Situations change and challenges emerge, but having an industry specialist on the ground is a major benefit for our customers. 

The Customer Success team is available to staff and clients throughout the outsourcing journey. In fact, many of our most experienced clients, who have been outsourcing for several years, still regularly consult with their Customer Success Manager about how to adjust their team to optimize performance and further improve efficiency. 

Outsourcing with Cloudstaff – A clear advantage

With an existing understanding of your industry, Cloudstaff’s Customer Success Managers develop a close understanding of your business and build personal relationships with your team. In short, they give your offshore team an advantage that most outsourcing competitors simply can’t match. 

Want to learn more about setting up a high performance offshore team? Speak with one of Cloudstaff’s outsourcing experts today.