cloud computing - Cloud Computing Architecture Training at Cloudstaff

Cloud Computing Architecture Training at Cloudstaff

Amazon Web Services, through its Regional Technical Program Manager at AWS Academy Program, Dr. Michael Chen, partnered with Cloudstaff and conducted a one-week course in Cloud Computing Architecture at CRK03.

Cloudstaff has given its all-out support to the said training by hosting the venue and offering the whole course free to all participants. Joined us in the training are the deans and faculty members of various universities here in Angeles City and all the way up to Baguio City. Representatives from Angeles University Foundation, Holy Angel University, iAcademy, University of the Assumption and University of Baguio devoted their time and lent their ears to listen to new updates. There were also Cloudstaffers who took part in the training, namely Alvin, Efren, Allan and Carlo.

Sharing the knowledge they have gained, here are a couple of things Cloudstaffers Carlo and Efren have to say:

Adapting AWS can have several advantages for companies like Cloudstaff since cost-effectiveness is being given focus. When companies adopt AWS platforms, it ensures consumption of the right amount of compute and storage as well as other IT resources. Moreover, an organisation can be flexible enough to add and remove resources according to its needs and this helps them to manage costs.

Amazon Web Services has a number of products, tools, and applications that can help organisations keep with technological trends but at a lower cost. Cloudstaff would like to encourage schools to include Amazon Web Services course in their curriculum for them to be knowledgeable and ready in cloud-based technology. It can also make them professionally competitive in real-life tasks.

Furthermore, as cloud-based platform is being used today by businesses and the IT industry, it gives them the capability to control and manage their work even better.

Dr. Chen sure did imparted significant information about Cloud Computing to all the participants. Good luck on your certifications!


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