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Why a back office assistant should be your first hire

Having a back office assistant is economical for your business

We recently interviewed some clients who decided to engage their back office needs to Cloudstaff and here’s what they’ve told us:

“In business, there are unsung superheroes that don’t wear the usual capes and costumes, but they are indeed dependable and trustworthy.”

Jean-Nicot Nemorin, General Manager of United Strata Solutions, said that they decided to outsource their back office needs because of the savings in their overall costs.

Operational expenses can be lessened because of wage differences when hiring locally and offshore. There are minimal expenses in technology, such as computers and software, and there is no need to expand your office space to accommodate new staff, according to Mr Nemorin.

Moreover, the time you use to do repetitive and trivial tasks puts your business at stake. It would be really hard to focus on growing your business if you’ve got so much on your plate. Heavy baggage prevents you from moving forward and makes it difficult to handle your own stuff.

Having a back office assistant gives you the freedom to plan and do more

About 8 years ago, Village Property started with a small rental portfolio. After multiple years of positive growth, they ended up with a team of 25 onshore employees. They then decided to supplement their local workforce and decided to engage the services of Cloudstaff. Being able to restructure how they work, they got more time to focus on the needs of their clients, visit more properties and simply be on the phone for clients when they were needed.

When asked to describe what her typical day used to look like before hiring Cloudstaffers, Head of Property Management, Nicola Parisi, told us, “Busy. There’s a lot of work—a lot of data entry. There are physical inspections that we have to do with properties which are quite time-consuming, so by the time we come back to the office to do all of that stuff everything would have built up. This has just alleviated a lot of that pressure and stress from us to get all the work done. Essentially, just having an assistant here to help you is working really well and saving everybody a lot of time.”

True enough, having a back office assistant helps you focus on developing strategies to grow and develop your business. You can further concentrate on the projects to help your company reach its maximum potential. Moreover, you can even allot more time for your loved ones and do the things that interest you.

Having a back office assistant helps you bind all the pieces and pages together

Back Office Assistants are often being referred to as the “glue” of an organisation. Sometimes, as business owners, you are aiming to do several things at a time and more often than not, it’s hard for you to wait to get them started. Assistants are there to help have a smooth transition from one task to another. They act as the support and extension of the whole company and are even known to be anyone’s lifeline, if necessary.

On a personal level, since you do not have to deal with all the stress every day, you become less anxious, which lets you think clearly and make sound decisions for the business.

Communication tools are important when outsourcing

If you worry about communication, at Cloudstaff we have developed our own Tools for Success that help maximise productivity and communication with your remote team members. Our innovative tools help to remove the limitations associated with remote teams.

Training is key to success

Take the advice of Jean-Nicot of United Strata Solutions, “When you go through the interviews, make sure that you can see that person fits into your company. We had interviewed a few people and I think Christian has the qualifications and the experience we were looking for… Make sure that the procedures are clear and train them on the things you’re requesting them to do. They need to have clear steps.”

Nicola of Village Property, says hiring a back office assistant was one of the best business decisions she has ever made. She has learned to loosen her grip of control and be open to changes. But of course, she initially took the time to train her staff member and now it has made her life so much easier. She knows that time is very precious and it is something that cannot be bought. Being buried in paperwork and procedures causes you to lose track of your actual goal of building relationships with your clients. She’s very much thankful for having John in her team who rose from a regular staff member to becoming a team leader.

Both Jean and Nicola found their lives being changed after they gave outsourcing a back office assistant a try. They both felt nervous the first time they tried outsourcing with Cloudstaff, but both have been satisfied on the significant impact it brought to their respective companies.

Jean and Nicola are just two of the many business people who have realised that outsourcing is more about increasing your organisational capabilities to better scale and improve your business. Finding the right partner like Cloudstaff is essential.

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