CS Spikers Kickoff

CS Spikers are all set to ace the court – Cloudstaff Club

Cloudstaff clubs and special interest groups emerging here and there. Our Cloudstaffers have various interests; some are into technology, some are passionate about getting fit and there are some who are avid volleyball players.

CS Spikers is a new social group added to the long list of Cloudstaff clubs last week. Volleyball-enthusiastic Cloudstaffers Marvin, Rodrigo, Mary Grace, and Lexbenson initiated the establishment of the new sports club.

Their passion for the sport pushed them to form the club with these objectives in mind: to promote volleyball, not just as a sport but as a form of exercise as well; to augment the essence of sports in pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle outside the workplace; to encourage fair-play, honest competition and good sportsmanship; to develop self-esteem and self-confidence through positive sporting experiences; and to build camaraderie among its members.

Cloudstaff shows its support to CS Spikers and every other club by providing a budget for their essential needs. All club-related expenses are shouldered by the company such as court fees and uniforms. Aside from enjoying these benefits, the members of Spikers as well as those of other clubs, are motivated by the friendships they form through their respective groups.

Cloudstaff has eight offices in the Philippines.  Thanks to our CS Spikers and other special interest groups, staff are brought together from different cities, buildings, departments and accounts.


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