A Forward Moving BPO

Is Cloudstaff a BPO?

More than just a BPO, Cloudstaff moves forward!

It is a modern workforce where the right people are combined to create a team who can perform a wide range of services for you to ensure your business success.

BPO stands for “business process outsourcing” and what you tend to find is a BPO will focus on a particular vertical market such as accounting or bookkeeping, engineering, maybe some creative or a particular function. What you find is with a BPO you are sending a very specific process out to a company for them to be able to complete the work. What we find is that for small to medium enterprises they have a broader requirement and Cloudstaff’s modern workforce is really about trying to put together a broad range of services and team members who can provide that service without having to deal with multiple vertical providers in the BPO sector.


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