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What is a Modern Workforce?

The next logical step to workforce expansion and evolution!

Cloudstaff is about building a modern workforce, where a whole range of services can be moved to a different geographical location.

Modern workforce, if you look at what’s happened in business over the last 10 years, a business 10 years ago probably had a web server in their office that was running their website and their e-commerce solution. And very quickly people realized it was much better to have that service running in a hosting company. Then we saw the email server move from the server inside the business to Office 365 or Google Docs. We’ve seen file servers move from inside the office to Dropbox and Google drive and Live drive and a whole range of storage providers. We’re also now starting to see or have seen applications like your accountancy software move to Xero or NetSuite. We’ve seen CRM applications like ACT move to Salesforce and Zoho. So we’ve seen infrastructure move to the Cloud, we’ve seen applications move to the Cloud. And now we’re seeing people affectively moved to the cloud. We’ve seen the start of this with products such as or services like Odesk and Freelancer or Elance where simple tasks have moved to the Cloud. A modern workforce is about the next logical step. This is where we start to move much more complex or larger processes onto the Cloud and that’s what the Cloudstaff is about – about building a modern workforce. One where a whole range of services and tasks can be very easily moved to one particular location or moved to different geographical regions. But while at the same time maintaining consistency and a single culture across your whole business.


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