Outsource Just About anything, Except These 5 Things

Everything seems within easy reach of outsourcing nowadays, with companies of every size and shape entrusting tedious tasks to remote workers to save time and money. 

Monotonous, repetitive tasks are best to pass onto your remote people. These activities slow your business down and if you can document a process, then a remote worker may be a better choice.

However, not everything should be outsourced – if a function directly impacts your objectives and cannot be explained easily in writing, then keep managing the activity internally. 

Five things to keep in house

1. Core competencies

What things do you do best? What’s your competitive edge? 

These should be handled by in-house experts because these are the things that make your business what it is. 

For instance, a real estate company should outsource administrative tasks but your agents should handle the buying, selling and management of properties.  

2. Corporate culture

You cannot force your people to embrace a business culture and in turn, it’s your people who influence how your work environment feels.

Build from within and bring your remote workers into your culture, not the other way around. 

3. Staff development and retention

Keeping staff engaged, challenged and motivated is your responsibility. You can’t rely on your remote workforce to do that task for you. 

While remote workforce providers can assist with training, you’re best placed to develop your people. Setting up pathways and give people opportunities to develop their careers should be your priority. 

4. Senior management and decision-making

Facing a crucial decision affecting the future of your company? Then look within. 

Your senior leaders are who know what’s best for your business. Their commitment and competency will be the driving force of decision-making. 

Certainly listen to your remote teams for their input, however the moment you decide to outsource strategic decision-making to another company, that’s the moment you lose what makes your company a leader.  

5. Employee termination

Delivering good or bad news to your people is often better in person. Outsourcing HR roles is common, but when letting employees go, having outsourced staff deliver the bad news is a recipe for negative outcomes. 

You can seek counsel but termination is something that your internal staff should be doing. Also, take the time to personally thank your staff for their contributions to your company. It’s always better to end on a positive note.

How Cloudstaff can help

Cloudstaff is the trusted on-demand workforce partner of businesses across the globe. 

We help our clients focus on their business objectives so they can grow faster, increase business productivity and reduce costs. We provide you with professional experts who can take time-consuming tasks off your plates, accelerating processes and ensuring workflows function seamlessly. 

We can help you move your repetitive tasks to remote workers, leaving your people to focus on the things that matter. Contact our team of experts for more information.