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We do it the Cloudstaff way

The word strategy is often associated with the game of chess. It is like having an eagle eye that makes you see from corner to corner, and from point to point. More often than not, strategy is being regarded as the complex part of a business.

But for companies with a vision, they look at strategy as the starting point of success. Cloudstaff has its own objectives, and the decisions the company makes are based on getting a step closer to its ambition.

Think two or three moves ahead

Cloudstaff has several offices in the Philippines located at Ortigas, Makati, and Clark with a total of over 1,200 staff. One of its strategies is to put its offices close to where the staff live. The goal is to reduce the time allotted for transportation and allow staff to make the most out of their time with their families.

Splitting the offices in different parts of the Philippines is also an advantageous move that is in line with the company’s business continuity plan.

Execute the plan

For a strategy to be effective, it must be executed. If there are flaws, then it calls for an enhancement. A perfect example of this is the attraction strategy of the company. Cloudstaff makes sure that its applicants are screened well and are client-ready for engagement. It is highly essential that we deploy the right staff into the right role to add value to our clients’ processes and outputs.

Continually seek for improvement

When we empower our staff, it has a positive impact on the company. Cloudstaff’s philosophy is rooted on its “#1 Workplace in the Philippines” program. We make it a point that there is something we improve on every day.

We invest in training and in improving the skills of our staff. We want them to reach their full potential, because when you have great employees, they can do awesome things for the organisation.

Having a strategy is essential whatever industry you are in as it keeps you on track. To know more about our Cloudstaff Comprehensive Strategy, watch Cloudstaff’s COO, Adam O’Connor in this interview.

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