5 habits of outstanding software developers

Whether you are experienced or a novice software developer, it is important that you keep up to date with current trends in the industry and the latest developments in the field to ensure your continued career advancement. But is growing your skills the only key to progress in your career as a developer?

Veteran software developers say that there really are no secrets in becoming a great programmer, but habits to cultivate in order to be highly successful. Different software engineers may have the same skill set written on paper but there can be significant differences among them when scrutinized carefully. Technical skills and experience can get you far, but there are a couple of characteristics and mindsets that will set you apart from others.

1. Care about how your code can benefit the whole business.

All software developers have the ability to write code to make a new mobile application or system needed by a certain company, but only a few would go the extra mile to understand how the mobile app can impact the business.

The number one characteristic of outstanding developers is that they try to understand the objective, goals, and needs of a company before they start working.  They understand the value of technology when applied in business and they take full responsibility for the projects they deliver.

2. Commit to learning new things.

Great software developers recognize the value of continuous learning — they read, they research and they ask for help. Since developers deal with technology, which is a rapidly changing field, they really need to keep up through education. They need to learn the new methods and better techniques that they can apply in their career.

They do not see “asking for help” as a weakness, in fact, they are the brave ones since they are not afraid to admit that there is still something they don’t know. There will always be someone better than them but they do not see this as a threat, rather, they take the opportunity to learn from these people.

3. Be confident but not arrogant.

Successful developers never think that they are the best and they do not act as if they know everything. They are confident to show their skills and abilities but they do not brag and undermine their fellow developers. Great developers accept that they can’t be always right; they welcome criticisms and take them positively.

They are also aware of the fact that they can not do everything alone, that they need to work as a team, and they need cooperation to achieve their common goal.

4. Display a disciplined approach to your work.

In every profession, there is a constant formula for success that propels the individual forward in his or her chosen career. Talent and skill is one part of the equation, and the other entails discipline. A successful software developer delivers tasks based on the requirement of the project and they perform thorough checking to ensure quality.

In addition, they set their focus and energy on the project they are entrusted with. They avoid doing other unnecessary things when working. And they know how to balance work and recreation to avoid fatigue, which can affect their work output negatively.

5. Be a problem-solver.

Learning programming languages and tools is a piece of cake to any dedicated software developer, but they also need to hone their problem-solving skills. Outstanding software developers have the capability to solve problems. They know that the worth of their job is more than the code they produce. They find efficient solutions beneficial to the business, its people, and its customers.

To be a good software developer, you need to possess the required technical skills, but to be a great developer, you need to cultivate the above-mentioned positive characteristics. Remember that good habits can take you further and farther. Cloudstaff ensures that its software developers receive good training in order to upgrade their skills and improve their work habits, which results in happy and satisfied clients.

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