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Software development is one thing, testing is another

Building software already requires a considerable amount of time, money, and mental effort, but there is still one vital process that should never be skipped—quality assurance—and sometimes, do-it-yourself testing is not quite enough.

Unfortunately, there’s really no such thing as bug-free software; even the greatest software developers can’t devise a perfect app. That’s why continuously testing to spot flaws and to fix them before they affect the end-users is a crucial part of the software development life cycle.

Some companies opt to have their software developers do the quality assurance too. However, this process can be costly and after the taxing development process, having a fresh set of eyes can be very beneficial. That’s when you might need the help of reliable outsourced quality assurance engineers who are dedicated to look for errors within your software.

How can software work without adequate quality assurance?

An airplane crashed resulting in hundreds of deaths; a radiation therapy machine malfunctioned and omitted deadly doses of radiation to patients leaving some dead and a few critically injured; thousands of pieces of baggage failed to travel with their owners and hundreds of flights were cancelled due to an error in a baggage handling system; and a firm lost a large percentage of its shares in just half an hour.

All of these horrifying incidents were caused by software bugs. Errors in a system or an application can be very expensive, but more than that, they can be extremely dangerous too. Aside from capital loss, neglecting the need for quality assurance can also put the users’ safety or private information at risk.

When is the right time to engage quality assurance experts?

Testing should start as soon as your development process begins. Defects come into being during the earliest stages of your software development lifecycle, and their costs increase as the project progresses. Deploying software testers from the very beginning is essential. Get in before bugs cause a budget blowout. It’s always better to fix defects sooner rather than later.

Why is there a need for software QA outsourcing?

Great developers can also be good software testers, however, it is human nature to barely notice the mistakes in our own work. Therefore, letting the same team do both the coding and testing will most likely lead to a lack of objectivity, and they can end up missing a lot of errors in the program. Engaging an outsourced quality assurance team, who are completely uninvolved with the programming can help to ensure accurate unbiased testing.

Additionally, by using offshore testers, your developers are saved from the time-consuming QA process, giving them more time to spend on building new features or developing new software.

What about the security of codes? 

One of the concerns that many businesses have when a third party gets involved in their processes is the potential for a breach of intellectual property. But when it comes to QA outsourcing, sharing your codes is not necessary. Your codes remain confidential, while you obtain essential testing scripts to remove any errors and bugs.

Where can reliable QA engineers be found? 

At Cloudstaff, we have a team of dedicated, highly skilled QA experts ready and waiting to join your team. They are all experienced professionals who can help make sure that your program works in any and every way that your customers could possibly use it.

Errors in software are a normal part of the development process but with a dependable team of outsourced software quality assurance engineers, you can be confident that you will have the best software possible. 

Reach our Sales team at sales@cloudstaff.com to learn more about how Cloudstaff SQA engineers can help you. You can also visit www.cloudstaff.com/qa for more information.

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