Cloudstaff growth is unstoppable

The wait is finally over! Cloudstaff’s eighth office in the Philippines is now fully operational.

Cloudstaff has found yet another home right in the heart of Angeles City. The expansion into Building 8, (Entec2) keeps available floor space and suites ahead of customer demand for our next generation services while we continue to build the #1 workplace in the Philippines.

Locating buildings close to residential centers and near education facilities, shops and amenities for staff is a key pillar of the Cloudstaff’s strategy to create the #1 workplace. The strategy reduces staff travel time, reduces environmental impact while not compromising on the high levels of security required in each building.

Placing offices in and around Clark/Angeles as well as in Manila (Makati and Ortigas) and Cebu ensures our staff have an appropriate work-life balance.,” said Cloudstaff CEO, Lloyd Ernst.

Recruiting talented candidates is tough for any BPO. Why make it harder than it needs to be. Staff should not have to travel hours each way in traffic each day just to get to and from their place of work. I wouldn’t like to do it. So why would I make my staff do it?

We’re deliberately bringing our offices closer to the populated areas where our highly talented staff live.

Our most wanted CEO, Lloyd Ernst, with a work-life balance vision in his mind, designed the new space to be modern, fully featured, and secure. More than that, it has relaxation and entertainment areas, nurses’ station, canteen, and a number of customer suites intended to maximise productivity.

Radio booth

Along with that, it would also be the new haven for Cloudstaff’s radio studio, the communication platform of the organisation, for a better listening and entertainment experience of all Cloudstaffers.

For a more luxurious experience, the new office space cradles a “First-Class Lounge” that can be used by anyone at Cloudstaff. It is a modern and cozy sleeper area configured to be like an airplane cabin with recliner chairs, and has been envisioned to be a quiet place for staff as they do their personal stuff during break time such as sleeping, reading, using their phones, and the like. To book a set, staff can use the Cloudstaff Boardroom application. CEB01 also has a modest First-Class Lounge and the staff totally love it!

Indeed, our continued expansion is a great reflection of the quality of the services we offer and the dedication our Cloudstaffers have in work. Cloudstaff believes that the only thing that can stop you, is yourself —so you better keep going once you find your momentum and be unstoppable as you improve your craft.

Visit us at eNtec2, Newpoint Mall, Angeles City and experience the Cloudstaff impetus yourself.

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