Battle of the Bottles

Saving the planet, little by little

Our Earth used to be divine. It “used to be” — that’s the sad truth. Clear water, fresh air, and healthy soil that were once abundant have long been scarce. The planet is currently in damaged state and the culprits are us, humans.


There’s no way to turn back time; we can’t reverse our mistakes either, but we can do something to save what is left and revive the beauty of our planet. Cloudstaff’s environmental group, CS Luntian, took the initiative to rescue our planet from a more and worse destruction through a simple campaign they termed Battle of the Bottles.

CS Luntian is aware of the condition of our environment and there is no better day than today to take action. Plastic products, specifically plastic bottles, have a significant contribution to the environmental issues we are facing today. This is the reason the group came up with the Battle of the Bottles campaign which they started this month.

Their objective is to collect as many plastic bottles as possible. Instead of throwing their plastic bottles elsewhere, Cloudstaffers are encouraged to dispose them into the #BattleoftheBottles bins placed in Cloudstaff offices. Not only will they help save the environment, but they will also earn Green Dream Points for participating in this campaign. All bottles gathered will be sold to recycling shops and proceeds will be allotted for the next projects of CS Luntian and CS Cares club (Cloudstaff’s corporate social responsibility arm) which will benefit the environment and the community. This campaign will continue until they obtain enough funds to take bigger steps in preserving our environment.

Motivated with their aim to promote sustainability, the group plans to conduct one environmental project per quarter. They have several projects in line including the promotion of waste segregation in all Cloudstaff offices. Another is the energy efficiency and resources saving scheme which will mainly focus on guiding Cloudstaffers to conserve energy in the office as well as in their respective homes. They also plan to engage in outdoor activities such as tree planting and clean-up drive.

CS Luntian may have started small but with the genuine concern they have for the environment the group can create a big impact in saving the world. Cloudstaff believes that no matter how small our steps are, if we unite and work together toward a common goal, eventually, we can make it.

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