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Innovation and culture drives company to $100m annualized revenue milestone

Philippines-based outsourcing and remote working company, Cloudstaff, today announced it had achieved a major milestone in its continuing success by reaching $100m in annualized revenue.

Launched in 2010, the company has rapidly grown to over 4,500 staff, providing clients in the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia with quality outsourcing services.

Cloudstaff CEO, Mr Lloyd Ernst said the continuing success of Cloudstaff is driven by its commitment to its customers, positive corporate culture and innovation. 

He explained that Cloudstaff’s culture promotes efficiency, productivity, forward-thinking, quality work, collaboration and personal and professional growth. This culture sets the tone of the organization and is essential to delivering the quality of service that our customers have come to expect. 

“Our corporate culture and ‘Number One Workplace’ strategy have allowed us to attract the best talent in the region and maintain an industry-leading staff retention rate of 98%. It is the quality of our staff that attracts customers who are seeking to do more with their outsourcing teams,” Mr Ernst said.

Cloudstaff was recently named as One of the Best Companies To Work For In Asia, 2022, and demonstrates their commitment to staff with a candidate attraction and retention program that would be the envy of most western businesses. There are regular perks, social clubs, weekday and weekend events with guest speakers, personal and professional support and training programs. The company also provides in-house health care and mental health programs for both the work-in-office staff and their growing number of permanent work-from-home staff.

In 2021, Cloudstaff created the Cloudstaff ShareClub to give all staff the opportunity to share the value they are helping bring to the company.

He went on to say that “having great staff is not enough to deliver great outsourcing. You need the technology, services and support that drive productivity and provide seamless integration of remote and local workforces. We have invested heavily in innovation and it has been essential to our success. We believe that our outsourcing platform is five years ahead of our competitors and the key to the scalability of the services we offer.”

Cloudstaff’s innovative outsourcing platform provides a flexible and cohesive working environment that allows customers to customize their staff’s working environment to best suit their individual needs.  As businesses contemplate their return to office strategy in 2022, many are requesting hybrid models for their remote knowledge working teams.  Cloudstaffers and their customers are looking for flexible, hybrid work environments that are part work-from-home and part work-from-office. “It is our custom technology that allows us to provide this level of flexibility and visibility to our customers,” Mr Ernst said.

In conclusion, Mr Ernst acknowledged the hard work and commitment of the company’s staff and expressed appreciation to the company’s valued customers.

“I would like to say a big thank you to Cloudstaffers and customers for helping us achieve this milestone of $100m in Annualized Revenue. We are only at the beginning of our journey and look forward to sharing our success with you all,” said Mr Ernst.