A banner that announces Cloudstaff and PieLAB's conclusion of PieLAB investment and celebrating 5 years of growth and industry innovation.

Cloudstaff announces successful conclusion PieLAB investment: Celebrating 5 years of growth and industry innovation

[Brisbane, Australia, 27/10/2023] – Cloudstaff, a global remote staffing provider serving customers in 34 countries, announces the successful buyout of foundational investor, PieLAB Capital. As a strategic Series A investor, PieLAB’s focus on supporting growing businesses is underscored by their influential presence in the Australian Real Estate market. The partnership marked a common interest in taking the industry into its next phase of evolution.

“Cloudstaff has set the standard in remote staffing with a focus on ethical outsourcing and innovative technology. They’ve created great career paths for so many people, and built a fantastic culture internally.” said Chris Rolls, Managing Director of PieLAB. “Cloudstaff’s 500% growth after our investment has been great for Cloudstaff as a business and great for PieLAB’s investors. It’s been excellent to be a part of their journey.”

“PieLAB had the vision to recognize our potential to be game-changers. The trajectory since then has been remarkable, establishing us as a frontrunner in global remote staffing, including Australian Real Estate.” Lloyd Ernst, CEO and founder of Cloudstaff said. “Every day I meet growing businesses facing a myriad of challenges – from acute staff shortages and increasing burnout, to high attrition rates. Couple this with evolving work ideologies, global acceptance of remote work, and the transformative capabilities of generative AI, and that’s the heart of the Talent Revolution that drives us every day at Cloudstaff. I want to express our gratitude to PieLAB for their unwavering support on this journey.”

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About Cloudstaff

Cloudstaff has pioneered the global remote staffing industry, helping innovative companies in the United States, Australia, and beyond find the best talent. For over 15 years, Cloudstaff has worked with its customers to select professional services talent with expertise in accounting, real estate, tourism and travel, software development, customer service, sales, and marketing. 

With cutting-edge productivity technology and a people-first culture, Cloudstaff can supercharge your business.  By investing in hard working, loyal team members, businesses everywhere are discovering the true power of global remote staffing. This is cloudstaff.com. This is the Talent Revolution.

About PieLAB

PieLAB is an investment management company that acquires great businesses, and helps develop amazing leaders to run them. Visit pielab.com.au for more information.

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