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Cloudstaff Puts Employees First During COVID-19 Pandemic

SYDNEY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cloudstaff Smarter Outsourcing, a leading global cloud workforce provider, today announced the successful launch of their “Employees First” business continuity plan in response to COVID-19 lockdown in the Philippines, where the largest cluster of employees is located. Within 48-hours of when the first novel coronavirus cases were confirmed in the Philippines, Cloudstaff successfully transitioned 2,500 people to work from home in disparate locations around the world.

Cloudstaff successfully transitioned 2,500 people to work from home in disparate locations around the world in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

Implementation of the Cloudstaff business continuity plan included addressing employee financial, technical and personal needs. Arrangements were made to advance staff pay two-days early to ensure the ability to purchase groceries and essentials for their families; update leave policies to allow greater flexibility; move office PCs into homes of employees that did not have them; provide mobile hotspots for staff with internet connectivity issues; and facilitate 24/7 tech support to rapidly address potential technical issues.

“Our clients depend on Cloudstaff to fill their business needs and always provide services that are seamless, regardless of disruptive events,” said Lloyd Ernst, Cloudstaff founder and CEO. “We have positioned our employees to be successful at home and to remain completely connected to their clients and their colleagues.”

“Cloudstaff was able to achieve all of this through collaboration and participation from all employees across the company,” said Jamie Stewart, Cloudstaff CFO. “Clients have not missed any deliverables and have expressed appreciation that actions were taken quickly to secure services they depend on.”About Cloudstaff
Cloudstaff is a leading provider of outsourcing solutions. Cloudstaff combines innovative technologies, “best-match” recruiting and modern work environments to provide offshore workforces that seamlessly integrate into customers’ existing company structures and workflows.

Cloudstaff passionately embraces technology to deliver next-generation outsourcing solutions that provide incredible scalability (in both sizes and capabilities), tighter workforce integrations, better team collaboration, higher rates of efficiency and detailed reporting.

Cloudstaff is committed to delivering world-class outsourcing solutions and the highest levels of customer satisfaction, while providing an enjoyable, family-friendly workplace that encourages personal and professional growth for staff. Cloudstaff aims to be a responsible corporate citizen and provides support for the community through its outreach and environmental programs.

Cloudstaff is an Australian-owned company with operation centers in the Philippines and China. Cloudstaff has offices in the USA, UK, Australia and Asia.

“Our innovation, our technology and our great people are the key to successful outsourcing”.

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